Super Hero Capacity

AAEAAQAAAAAAAA27AAAAJDk1MmY5YzVlLTBjYjgtNDg4OC1iM2UyLWI0MzRlOTIxZmVlYwKids learn by watching and emulating adults. Kids and adults also learn by our confident posturing,  that it is essential to develop an unwavering belief in oneself.  Many books are written, read and modeled by a society hungry to succeed.  Super heroes in business or in sports become icons of young adults, and of older folks who seek to secure their futures.  Most of the teaching steers the watchful student away from getting the wise counsel of God, or of waiting on Him to approve a person’s plans.  A good question to ask yourself is “Do I believe in my ideas more than I believe in God’s purpose or plan for my life?” Taking the time to do a mental, heart check requires transparent honesty with God.  Sometimes, a roaring positive, self-sufficient belief in oneself can create a blind spot.  To feel indestructible and deeply confident in oneself to 2cb2da9secure our own future can give the devil a foothold and a win.  Is it wise to work on our self-image for the pure sake of impressing parents, employers, our kids without considering God and His high regard for humility? If we call on God, and trust Him with our future plans, if we listen to hear His voice, we then can respond “in” His confidence to His nudge. Let us seek to walk through the doors only He can open. The only Super Hero who can leap over blockades and raise the dead is Jesus Christ. Only He can impart His super hero capacity into what you do and who you are “in” Him.  “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”  Genesis 1:27

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