5b83c98baae574272d6ad72470994b15Trails leading, His voice calling, the color of Love spell binding.

Destined to be raptured, taken up into the eternal, beauty beyond words.

fawning-dates-and-fawn-survivalRefreshed by the calm, gentle embrace of living Truth.

The sweetness of Doe eyes fulfilling compassion.

Mystified by the glorious music of heaven.

In a trance, we dance entwined as One.  Full as the moon, bright as the sun, deeper than the ocean, His love for all. Dewy eyed, I breathe in the living Grace. Higher than an Eagle, across chasms of divide, we are lifted up to the face of God.  A choir of angels sing because of pure delight, in my acceptance of the Truth that is. Awed by God’s plan, His creation…His purpose, to bring us home.

Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.  All rights reserved.

Three hours of PEACE music on YOUTUBE herein.  ENJOY

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