Goin Bowen

Bowen Therapy now in my hood,

Causes not symptoms all understood.

Body balanced like a tire rotation,

Healing itself with a wee bit of motion.HomeSlider1Myofascial, Traeger, and Massage methods been tried.

Dealt with no sleep and sciatica till I cried.bowen-therapy-colourBlood tested my thyroid TSH Free T3 and Free T4,

My Adrenals shutting down? Test my AM Cortisol.

High blood pressure and Frequent urination,

At age 65 it’s enough to cause depression!HomeSlider2Back pain, Migraines, Bursitis sick?

Want malfunction resolved quick?bowenWeight gain, neuromas, ankle, and hip pain,

Nothing to loose, everything to gain. 15ece200714665ebd56fbcd6b5c7b030

Inflammation, IBS, FMS, CFS, TMJ?

Why not investigate the Bowen way!


At Lakeside in Jalisco, Mexico my Bowen Therapist is David Burnett.  David was born in New Zealand and served 20 years as an officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy.  David witnessed a chronic case of TMJ get full recovery within 20 minutes.  David studied anatomy, physiology,pathology and kinesiology training and then learned the Bowen Therapy from Gene Dobkin, a renowned international Bowen Therapy practitioner.

Can’t exercise soooo, my conditions persisted!

Having hope, my mind cannot resist it!

One thought on “Goin Bowen

  1. Aftercare for Bowen therapy. Bowen therapy does NOT force change, but it stimulates the body to heal itself. For most people the therapy is pleasant and energizing, but for some it can cause fatigue, emotional flux…but this is a form of detox. After the session: No sitting for more than 30 minutes, stretch, walk about. Drink plenty of water. No jogging, golfing, just walk gently. Use good body dynamics when rising from bed, or from sitting. Avoid hot showers, no ice packs or heating pads. Avoid other types of manipulative therapy including Chiropractic or massage. Massage makes noise in the body and it disturbs the healing signal to the genetic code. Aspirin or Tylenol for discomfort is OK.


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