Rain on me

6f8b5a5805b609c6cd2610ffb8cc708aAh, the rainbird, the harbinger of crystal clear droplets.  It is coming, rain is welling in the atmosphere, our reunion time is very near.  Before the pour, the sprinkle lets us…be drizzled upon like a bird bathing.  It begins to puddle, then it washes as it refreshes. Rain widens 20140212-201638and ripples the circumference of all that we can imagine. It fills and overflows buckets into lakes, rivers and streams.  The Ocean is it’s grandma, always welcoming the wet tears of joy. The earth bursts into bloom with plenty of room for more and more rain. It is what moistens and feeds all that thirsts for life.  It soaks the sands, it softens hands. Rain gushes into barrels and swirls down drains.  It ushers us into gladness for a time to wear galoshes and splashes.  A soul looks up, face catching wet drops, thankful for the energizing, and nourishing downfall of water….. 0f47102e65e4cc3cb3a745579d2962e2armed with an umbrella, or not…. like a child we are electrified and ready to pounce! Silently squealing “I’m blest”, I slumber best in the dashing, crashing pour of rain.  Ahhh, the rain, let it twinkle on the rooftops and make me snore!

Copyright © 2017 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.  All rights reserved.

Pictures below BEFORE and AFTER the rain

by Bernd Peter Sawatzki on Facebook


Before the rain at Lakeside


After the rain at Lakeside

First thunderstorm and down pour of rain at Lakeside was on Friday May 26, 2017

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