Fluid Movement

142zamaThe simple fluid movement of twirling is a great exercise.  It connects our body to our mind as we close our eyes and focus on swaying like a tree in a breeze. Find the music that makes you mild in mood.  Use a ribbon on a stick, or scarves to twirl and loop with grace. Having FUN as you move, as you walk, as you twirl … FUN is the key to repeating the exercise. Sitting too much is the worst thing for our body.  Fluid movement is the healthiest exercise.  Pumping weight actually tightens the muscles, but the goal is simply to use the muscles in a way that heightens flexibility and joy.

Find a place to simply MOVE to the music of your choice.  Close your eyes, no jerking motions, just move, twirl, bend.  Twirl and feel the whirl while having FUN moving in your own time, your own groove to the music that SOOTHES you.  Use scarves to add to the beauty of simple moves.

Use the right music and shake out a sheet, or a towel depending on your space. Do a few jumping jacks on the grass, in the park…and then do your own version of Tai Chi fluid moves.  Think about the mental clarity and agility of 90 year old men and women who participate in Tai Chi…anybody can create their own moves to their own music….or just move gracefully in the silence…at home, in the park, at the lake.  Just have fun and move.sufi januar.ok

Tai Chi, Sufi or just me mixing it up and moving fluidly.ribbon

This guy does a whole work out just using a bedsheet, use a towel, have FUN.

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