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1024px-AllendeHidalgoSMASan Miguel de Allende is located in the far eastern part of the state of Guanajuato.  But in order for Jalisco residents to receive packages, change the ship to address as indicated within this post.  This Pueblo Magico is found 170 miles from Mexico City and just 60 miles from the state capital of Guanajuato.  This beautiful, culturally rich city is a proclaimed World Heritage Site that attracts thousands of tourists Viñedos_San_Miguel_Vendimia_2016and new residents from abroad every year.  The main attraction of the town is its well-preserved historic center, filled with buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.  It is surrounded by vineyards and a landscape that will take your breath away. The town’s cultural, foreign and cosmopolitan nature has grown from a Bohemian hippie 1024px-HidalgoStNorthSMAcommunity in the 60’s to a town promoted for its beautiful film location. The growing attraction of its colonial buildings created a vibrant real estate market, which until recently has not been affected by Mexico’s economic ups and downs. Many of the old “ruins” of colonial houses have sold for more than a house in Mexico City.  This is because many of San Miguel’s buyers are foreign. Between 2006 and 2009, 34 projects constructed 405 housing units.  The last peak of real estate sales came in 2007, with 180 units sold with a median price of 250,000 USD totaling 45 million.   For us expats who 800px-CourtyardDomeCCRamirez

chose to live at Lakeside near Guadalajara, a day trip trek to Guanajuato is always fun. Additionally expats from the USA can order Amazon products, vitamins or whatever they simply must have and have them cross the border by truck to a UPS receiving address in San Miguel de Allende, for pickup, or for delivery to a Lakeside address. Extended Roads drivers have 15 years of crossing the border experience. Turn around time is about 15 days for delivery to Mexico.  Delivery from San Miguel to a Lakeside pick up location is done by FedEx.  FedEx minimum rate is $8.00 plus 8 cents per pound.  Medicines and prescriptions are common for $4.25 per bottle.  Expat sends shipment to:

  • Your Name / CHA  
  • C/O Marino
  • 4121 North 10th Street #305
  • McAllen, Texas 78045

Extended Roads cost for a 50 pound box is $4.75 per pound.  Minimum charge is $9.00 per package.  Extended Roads must be informed if a package requires a signature for delivery and the TRACKING number from the company originally ordered from.  Ronald Berry manages the Chapala office. Very quick replies to emails. See comments. Website: EMAIL:

PICK UP ADDRESS????: Extended Roads next to Roberto’s in Ajijic.

3 thoughts on “Get Packages at Lakeside

  1. Drivers bring across the border from McAllen, Texas weekly. You will get an email from Rosa when package arrives. Packages that say “Keep Cool Perishables.” our drivers, follow those directions. Barbara Hoyle picked up hair products under one pound on Aug 31, 2017. Extra shipping cost was only $17.00 USD — lot cheaper than airfare to USA to pick up.

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  2. When UPS delivers your box to the Extended Roads McAllen, TX warehouse, boxes are taken across the border safely to San Miguel Allende, where they distribute them to individual offices. Your shipment will reach Lakeside office because of the “CHA” on the shipping label. Once your package is safely at Lakeside, you will get an email for pick up. Pick up next to Roberto’s.

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