1d05101b5f0e257c2f65de13f31eeabc--ketogenic-diet-plan-ketosis-dietSeriously, these before and after pictures motivate me to GO KETO all the way.  So many fantastic success stories out there!  The several benefits of NOT having that pasta, that cookie, or the sandwich …. indeed these pics strengthen my resolve to kick my menu planning into a driving downhill gear from here!  This beautiful woman has an amazing story and she has stuck with KETO for the past 17 years and has maintained a 134 pound weight loss while traveling, while mothering, while adjusting to a new life in a new country!  Her story and the many, many other testimonies and amazing recipes online keeps it real, as well as reinforcing “my reasons” for my food choices!  My increased 9bd70c79fbc0f7d4dae40997fdd7a4a1energy and hope to “finish well” are heightened.  My journey includes the damage done to my hormone, adrenal and thyroid by a long ago hysterectomy, however, even with cheating I have lost over 10 pounds in my first KETO month.  “NEVER GIVE UP” is my gallery_2087_179_3887motto and commitment to regain my health! I have cleaned out my cupboards and acquired a few new cooking and baking utensils.  The truth is I have never been much of a cook or kitchen gal.  It is definitely cheaper to eat out in Mexico and we have a slew of fine dining restaurants.  The Skinny Guy on Facebook has motivated me with a ton of posts about all the ways he has found to eat KETO at fast food restaurants.   Youtube, Pintrest, and Facebookers all post a continuous blast of yummy recipes which I have borrowed and reposted here on WordPress.  Those recipes have been tried and proven to be tasty in my kitchen. Click this link to some savory choices COOK with KETO Coach


This gorgeous gal is from Germany.  She says “NO” to potato AKA Katafulen!





KETO success


The RZ

My friend Gary lost 80 pounds on KETO recipes!

After reviewing these pics and more recipes, with NO COOKING, this is my meal for the morning and afternoon.  Seriously NOT hungry on KETO, but I stay busy researching.


One slice ham, a bit of cheese, onion, sweet horseradish, and a dash of Dijon.

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