GettyImages-565706549-949x534Losing weight on the KETO lifestyle is easy and fast, but that is not what this post is about. Most of us naturally do not eat while we are sleeping, so that takes the anxiety out of fasting from food!  While on the Keto plan, a diet without sugar diminishes our hunger considerably.  That FACT makes it EASY to hold off eating until noon.  Keto fasting for 16 hours includes sleep. Simply ingest a cup of coffee or tea for breakfast and wait till noon to eat your first meal of the day.  EASY PEASY! Fasting from 8 pm to 12 noon equals 16 hours of fasting!!! The 16 hour KETO FAST will fast track your weight loss!  16 hours of not eating leaves you with an 8-hour eating window.  Eat at noon, then eat at 6 PM! It’s effective, easy to do.  You can safely do the KETO FAST as often as you like. For example twice a week, or on weekdays only… or every single day. The more often you do it, the more effective it is.  Love your body as it is, then do the KETO fast to gain more energy, to lose any extra belly fat to avoid health issues including diabetes, and heart problems.quote-i-was-a-fat-girl-growing-up-and-had-to-change-schools-because-kids-were-so-mean-sara-bareilles-97-29-83

This article will appear in print under the headline “Thin female models change beauty ideal”  For the first time, researchers have shown in a randomised trial that looking at photos of thin women is enough to shape a person’s beauty ideals. It has long been thought that images of slender women in the media influence what people find attractive, and can make a person feel unhappy with their body.  “We don’t want to demonise television – it’s good in that it provides access to political information and storm warnings, and helps people learn languages,” says Jucker. “We just say that it is associated with these risks.”  The doctor says “lose a few pounds” for health reasons not to be acceptable in the eyes of hollywood, or to meet the projected image of beauty!photostudio_1510573718550

One thought on “KETO EASY FAST

  1. These 5 simple rules to be happy are the same ones of Lord’s ordinances.
    Tenemos que aprender de las personas sabias…..entre más viejo más sabio….. Me atrevo a decir que estás 5 sencillas reglas para ser feliz, son las mismas que las ordenanzas del Señor.
    Free your heart from hatred…libera tu corazón del odio
    Free your mind from worries…libera tu mente de la preocupación
    Live simple…vive con sencillez
    Give more…..da más
    Expect less & enjoy every moment……espera menos y disfruta cada momento…..


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