Good Grief

Lucy-van-pelt-1-Lucy is known for consistently quipping “Good Grief” to Charlie Brown.  Initially I thought “what an oxymoron, what good could possibly blend with grief?” The truth is that I was recently reminded to “NOT lean on my own understanding!”  A year crawled by after my son joined Jesus in heaven.  During my personal grief, moments of regret would haunt my dreams and I would wake weeping for the missed opportunities. “Surely I wish to speak to the Almighty and I desire to argue and reason my case with God (that He may explain the conflict between what I believe of Him and what I see of Him.) Job 13:3 (Amp)  The fact that Job, a stellar-faith-filled-human ranted his misgivings about his suffering, this allowed my mind and heart to also writhe with similar wanderings. A book entitled “Living after Loss” by Sandra Myer has increased my Godly perspective on grieving.  Quoting Sandra from page 46 of her book “The journey from deep grief to living again is not a short trip.  At first you feel like you will be absorbed in grief and despair forever. And, like small children traveling with their parents, you ask “How much father till we get there.”  I can’t tell you how long your journey will be.  But this I do know, when you trust in God, the journey is much less weary.”  AMEN and AMEN


Living after Loss by Sandra Myer – Xulon Press

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