Vacations for Health

Health-WellnessWith this new year comes an increased desire to return to a state of vitality, energy and a determination to wake up renewed and excited about life! With research I found a possible destination!  A former cattle ranch located on 150 acres in the Sonoran Desert offers a unique health package.  Checking out a 7 day stay at Tucson’s Canyon Ranch, a medical resort to restore my physical health and mental wellness.  2018 Canyon Ranch will celebrate its 35th anniversary.  They offer a program for people who are ready to embrace a lifestyle change with a medically supervised management course that employs over 60 wellness professionals, including integrative medicine physicians, clinical grade nutritionists, exercise physiologists and licensed behavioral therapists. Each main_home1_770x350guest undergoes a series of medical assessments. Their program director then designs an individualized nutrition and fitness course. Therapists work with guests to address lifestyle variables and emotional issues that may be affecting their results, aiming to teach them how to re-prioritize behaviors to put their health first. There are daily lectures that address topics like one’s relationship with food, brain fitness, healthy eating on the go and maximizing metabolism. Susan Earl, a retired special education director, says of the experience, “I not only lost 42 pounds, but I reversed my recent diagnosis of Diabetes as well as lowered all of my previously high cholesterol and triglyceride numbers into the healthy range. I honestly believe I could not have done this if I had not participated in their program.”
A seven-day single-stay all-inclusive package starts at $8,650.
+1 520 749 9000;

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