Bodacious Babes

182763390The adjective bodacious is probably a blend of the words bold and audacious. It’s a southern term, whose genesis began with surfers who broadcasted their admiration of an oncoming “bodacious wave.”  A sense of admiration, or an attraction to that which is not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; as in unmitigated FAITH.  A few have expressed interest in the inauguration of a club of bold women of faith, who are willing to gather regularly (perhaps once a month, or weekly to start) to inspire, encourage and pray for one another. To be held at various locations in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  The purpose of this gaggle of ladies would be to practice love as all participants engage in acts of dd1c834e16467130a15e5ba9d35832f7kindness.  An EXAMPLE of the current audacious trend of known women of faith is that they are proud to proclaim the title of being a humble follower while being a “Bodacious Babe in Christ”.  While the never-ending ridicule of Christians  continues around the globe, a bodacious group of women is building at Lakeside. While clothed with strength and dignity; they can laugh at the days to come!  They boldly speak with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on their tongues! (Proverbs 31:24-26)  What is true about Christian women is that we all have bad days. Staying the course requires encouragement. Speak these words to yourself or have a friend in Christ speak them over you “You are a treasured, adored, loved and cherished child of God. He created you for His purpose, on purpose. Good times and hard times are being woven together in a love story full of grace, redemption, and hope. Your life has meaning.  You were made to create, invest, love, give and delight in this world with your own brand of beautiful.  When the world seems dreary, you bring the happy. When the world forgets God, you demonstrate the reality of His existence by your simple delight in a sunrise.  Lord, let us never cease to marvel at Your mercy and Might!27540801_2017785185106836_3779973273773900669_nLet your countenance be evidence that you’ve spent time with Jesus today.  Most of all, lift your eyes to heaven often with deep appreciation to Him for who He is, and remember you are chosen and a child of the most High King.” The launching of a Lakeside collective of amazing women who desire to lead happy, healthy and service oriented lives is now being prayed about! The truth is that all women were born with a Dolly-PartonGod-given talent to share.  The Bodacious Babes in Christ (BB) at Lakeside would come together to give and receive inspiration by sharing experiences, connections, ideas and laughter. We would hold consistent, loosely organized, quarterly events. This would be to offer opportunities for women to be encourage, to step up into leadership, to blaze a trail, or simply promote their bodacious faith in Jesus Christ.  “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit.” John 5:8 —  Dolly Parton’s My People Fund gave more than $9 million to people who lost their homes in the deadly Tennessee fires in 2017. In an interview with Barbara Walters she said “once people get past the shock of the ridiculous way I pile on the makeup and wear tight fittin clothes, they see there are parts of me to be appreciated.” Let us not judge Dolly or any woman for how they dress or worship God! All of us are loved and used by God for His purpose. Let us shout out Hallelujah! As we practice the delight of being in the Holy Presence of Jesus, we ask for His blessing of joy and uninhibited laughter. Oh Lord, compel us to show Your loving kindness to those who are lost, saved or weary. Thank You Father for dancing over us!  Yes, let’s make the first BB event easy.  Let us pick a place, a day, the time, and invite others who desire fellowship with other sisters-in-Christ. It will  be thrilling to stretch our joint talents and boldness for Jesus.  Meditate on it, then let’s brainstorm and make it happen, only IF it is God’s will! A Path on Purpose


inspiration-signPEOPLE ask me “where does your inspiration come from?” Why are you compelled to log a thought, an idea? This particular BBC idea was born from a comment made by A Kindred Spirit.  Have you ever wondered from whence those lyrics came or why that poetry flowed? Well, this obscure poetess was not educated beyond high school, nor is this common woman prone to speak in ways that her pen moves. English or literature was not my fortay.  As I read some of the things that pour out, I am both mystified and astounded myself.  To be perfectly honest, I believe that God has a plan to use a few of my rambling posts to touch a soul that He guides to this site, perhaps not this post, but maybe a recipe that leads them to take care of their God given temple. It isn’t about me; a benign blogger from a hiccup along a Mexican road. It is most certainly about Him and His plan to reach a soul that He brings into my life, or even to inspire an unknown sister with a scribble that He sent out through my fingertips.  I am in Christ, therefore, I am not a woman without purpose. Glory be to God!  Every woman has a God given gift to share.


It’s not important
who does the
planting or who
does the
watering. What’s
important is that
God, Himself causes the
the growth.
1 Corinthians 3:7



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