Facing the Sun

1Sunflowers are symbolic of faith, loyalty and adoring friendship. The sunflower is the only bud with flower in it’s name and it is the state flower of Kansas.  Imagine Dorothy traveling the yellow brick road, with the scarecrow as her friend, a fellow traveler who had also lost his spark to fear and anxiety.  Both wanting to return to home……. a place centered yellowbrickroadin joy!!  With hope renewed, they followed the way of the sunflower and turned their heads towards the sun. The yellow road glistened with faithful sun blooms all bending and twisting to turn toward their Source.  The face of a single Sunflower is shaped in a spiral with up to 2,000 seeds of hope! Like Johnny Appleseed, we are given the chance to nourish those seeds with our smiles of recognition, and our words of encouragement! Yes indeed, we serve a God that is filled with such glorious details that remind us of His constant love! flower-649190_640The head of the bloom is made up of 1000 to 2000 individual flowers which are all joined at the base, just as we are all tied together in our rock solid faith!  The large yellow petals that surround the edge of the happy face of the bloom are called “ray” flowers.  Likewise, we are God’s ray of hope to all along our journey. With incredible loyalty, and happy obedience, the face of the flower follows the direction of the sun, and shows us the way!various-yellow-sunflowers-website-headerAs far is …the east is from the west, we are forgiven for looking away and being temporarily downcast.  The way in which the Sunflower follows the sun is a process  known as heliotropism, which means the tendency of an animal (to include a man or a woman) to move towards the light, to the faithful Source……that gave them life.  Let the Sunflower remind us all to lift our minds towards our Creator and give thanks for the beautiful ways in which our Lord shows us His love, His holy Presence, His devotion to never leaving us in despair without hope.


Check what you have been thinking? POSITIVE and HAPPY

This beautiful redhead with the crown of butterflies is known as “Katy”! As a sister Ketonian, her story began with the funk of extra pounds and the heavy weight of depression. Katy wisely chose to face the sun. She lost her pregnancy weight and regained her sense of purpose as she follows the KETO lifestyle. The production of KETONES in her brain caused her depression to be lifted and today Katy is a proud young wife and mother who is devoted to helping others. This FB post is what connected my heart to hers. ““We delight in the beauty of a butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  Change can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The truth is, a diamond cannot form without pressure; a caterpillar cannot become a butterfly without the darkness of a cocoon. This post dedicated to #BossKaty – When you feel like the world is closing in and suffocating you, perhaps it is only the universe helping to mold you into your true form. ❤ You are not defined by the struggles you face but rather the way you rise from them. Whatever it is you are dealing with, know that you are strong enough to emerge on the other side.” The gushing #BossKaty a stay at home parent from Tomahawk, Wisconsin – On March 23, 2018 her enthusiasm reached all the way out to San Juan Tecomatlan, Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico! 29342756_10101220861048320_7602429444946395136_n

We are a tribe, we face the Son and we can laugh at the days to come! Bodacious Babes

One thought on “Facing the Sun

  1. FB Post by the amazing Katy “Oh. My. Gosh. I literally can’t even formulate a proper sentence to put into words what I’m feeling right now. 😍😭 Never have I ever been in the position to see SO many others succeed!!! Never have I had the opportunity to see my TEAM win as big as this. Sure, I’ve had my own success in other companies but this? This is different! This is ALL INCLUSIVE!! And there is no greater joy than witnessing it first hand! To say I’m grateful and PROUD of this tribe is the understatement of the century! 🔥👑 The growth that we’ve experienced personally and in our businesses, even in the last 2 months, is jaw dropping and my heart swells with emotions to think of how this is ACTUALLY changing ALL of our lives. ❤️ ” — Catch yourself on fire and surround yourself with people who will fan your flame!


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