A Fashion Foray

dsadsdInnocent darlings, dressed as starlets…
ede9068ca84b100bb981552b3ce5091bDo we clothe our kids as targets?anything-about-fashion-hd-wallpaper

Teens are highly influenced by fashion.

Pocket books emptied with a passion.

The changing trends are short lived without mercy.

So many new arrivals make us thirsty.

Are we dressing to appease,

or to simply please….Whom?

Modesty …many assume…

is all about the costume.636129479913654367760836522_fashion13.jpgDo we seek the attention,

Or an international mention,

for how we dare to wear?


Then again, let us not judge by appearances Bodacious Babes

Copyright  2018 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.  All rights reserved.

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