Fun Family Reunions


Astoria, Oregon

I’m so excited about aging with grace while touring the Pacific with my best friend, my travel buddy, my prayer partner, my adoring husband. We will be reuniting with a few family and friends while on an American Airline points cruise!  Our love boat is a fairly new cruise line called the “Celebrity Solstice” which is loaded with onboard entertainment. We fly into Seattle and meetup with Mike’s daughter Heather. This will be a 38869704_10212104645722669_7101078153002483712_nheartwarming reunion and a time to catch up on the latest news about her kids, grandkids and her new hair styling business! Family is important and we are excited to reconnect! We meetup after 3PM on September 13 with Heather for a dinner over a lingering conversation. After one night at the Seattle Belltown Inn – 2301 3rd Ave (206-529-3700) and quality time with Heather, we will then board the Solstice. We shuttle to the port to check in at the Seattle Pier at 10:30am. With our XPRESS pass and passport in hand we sail out on an international adventure! While unpacking our bags in our Stateroom suite, I am certain a few squeals will be released as our room has a fantastic ocean view. Cruising affords one the luxury of travel without having to unpack over and over while visiting various locations on excursions. Onboard we will play Bocce ball, stroll the decks, splash away in a water aerobics class, dance and dine in elegance as we quietly part the waters along the California coastline. Our final destination is beautiful BC, Canada. Our first port stop will be in the beautiful bay of Astoria, Oregon. 1 ann date 2012Barbara hopes to finally meet Mike’s longtime friends Lisa and Bob Olson. The Solstice will arrive at 10:00 AM in Astoria, Oregon.  On our honeymoon, Mike and I stayed at a B & B in Astoria. Hoping all works out and we get to enjoy a long laugh over lunch with the Olsons. Visiting with friends would make a great memory of our time in Astoria!  Lisa and Barb have only ever met on Facebook, so this face to face will be exciting! We will let them take us to their favorite place and we will inevitably share lots before we board the ship at 3:45 PM on September 15, 2018. Our ship is at Sea for the 16th and our next port stop is San Francisco on Sept 17th. Michael’s mother Marge and sister Paula will greet us with big smiles and a few package exchanges.  Living abroad has many advantages, but we truly miss the ability to just pop over and visit with our beloved and missed family members. Mike and I are hoping to entertain Miguel and Stephanie in Mexico after their brood of kids age a bit more.  Miguel has family in Guadalajara, so perhaps after their first visit, they would consider housesitting for us  while we adventure on another cruise!San Francisco, CA, USAPaula knows her way around the city of San Francisco so we absolutely trust her to pick the place that we will dine without a dash back to the ship because it disembarks the SF port on Sept 18th.  We will be out to Sea for Barb’s birthday on the 19th then arrive in Victoria BC on the 20th at 2:00 pm. We look


Victoria, BC

forward to an excursion through the gardens in Victoria and perhaps a surrey ride!  We disembark at 10:00 pm on the 20th and sail into Vancouver, BC at 6:00 am on Sept 21. We will explore Vancouver and check into the Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel. Address for Taxi is 1041 Southwest Marine Drive – Vancouver (604-263-1555).  We depart on Sept 22 on American at 8:00 AM direct to Guadalajara.

Barb was the travel agent on this trip.  A one way flight to Seattle, hotels and then a direct flight back to Mexico. Our neighbor Rosa will be house sitting with Rags.

New photos from our trip will be happily uploaded for future enjoyment when we get home. Thanks to all who made a special effort to meetup for a memorable reunion cruise. Remembering the best of times is easier through stored pictures under the TRAVEL TAB on Barb’s blog. The Alcan Road Trip, Israel, The Sandi Patty Cruise.


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