Silver Lining

enu-150-oz-Silver-Bullion-Bars-Bundle-999-1044-50000-2The great debt collapse of 2019-2024 will be devastating. Many prominent forecasters predict a financial crash 10 times worse than what happened in 1929.  The financial world as we know it will be replaced altogether. Banks will close as paper assets and paper promises (ie FDIC insured) will be worth nothing. It is time to PREPARE for a world crisis that cannot be avoided. Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the now-a-day-prophets.  No matter your country or politics, it is time to get ready for what has been forecasted. ❤️❤️❤️ We are in this world, not of this world so NOW is the time to doubt what the world is saying and believe what God is saying. AMEN – Five massive financial cycles have converged an they have nothing to do with who sits in the White House. A new ERA, begins on the date that the financial world crashes, it will be the date when life as we know it on planet earth will be altered forever.  Five years of chaos is just ahead which have been verified by those who watch financial cycles.  The rise and fall of empires are ruled by predictable cycles.  Trillions upon trillions of Government debt in the USA, JAPAN, BRITAIN will never be repaid. The derivative contracts, all the promissory notes held by banks, which are NOT backed by GOLD or SILVER,  are currently preventing the price of silver and gold from escalating. When the paper money evaporates, silver and gold prices will rise. Many paper accounts will vaporize overnight. What happens when 39 million government employees no longer can cash their paychecks? Overtime, 328 million people will be without government SSN retirement funds. The Rapture is hopefully before we see armed soldiers patrolling the streets from looters looking for food. People back in the days of Jeremiah, Amos, Obadiah did not want to listen to God’s warnings. Today it seems we should be quick to listen and slow to slam the Prophetic words given to us in these last days. “Abram had become very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold.” Gen 13:2 “Tell the people that men and women alike are to ask their neighbors for articles of silver and gold.” Exodus 11:2 “All the silver and gold and the articles of bronze and iron are sacred to the Lord and must go into His treasury.” Joshua 6:19

“Life is full of cycles that do nothing more than  replay themselves at different price points”.  Bo Polny ” The stock market crash that began in the Fall of 2018 will resume by the end of May 2019. By August 2019 this worldwide economic collapse will be known as the “Crash of the Century”.  This crash event will shed God’s light as He redistributes His wealth. “All the gold and silver is Mine, says the Lord”.  The gold standard will return as fake paper money evaporates. Take time to do your own diligent research and pray for guidance. These two market watchers have websites. 1) Investor Sean Broderick, of Wealth Daily published a book entitled “The Final Reckoning”  2) Bo Polny, a Christian analyst WARNS PROTECT YOUR FAMILY. His cycle watch of 124 has successfully predicted other down trends. The Crash of the Century as 2019 ends.

Hard Assets Alliance offers coins and bullion bars: from the world’s top wholesalers and dealers. No rare coins – only widely recognized sovereign coins and standard bullion bars.  Why? Because they hold their value more consistently than any other form of precious metal. Accepted at monetary exchanges, coin dealers, and banks around the world, the bullion we offer is among the most liquid forms of precious metal on earth.  Location to store silver/gold.  1) New York  2) Salt Lake City 3)Singapore – The following interview about Silver/Gold is dated May 25, 2019

A) LEAR CAPITAL: only sells gold and silver coins. 500 oz of Silver Eagle coins (June 1, 2019 $9,432.59) for box of coins. 1980 marked a time of high inflation, market volatility and heightened economic uncertainty. It also marked the time when one ounce of silver reached a staggering price of $54 an ounce. Today market and economic conditions strongly parallel the times leading up to peak precious metals prices in 1980.

B) HARD ASSETS ALLIANCE: Silver 100 oz bars (May 31, 2019 $1,527.80 per bar) at least 99.9% purity. 500 oz 1,527.80 x 5 bars = $7,639.00One must sign W9 with Hard Assets Alliance to open account and store silver/gold and pay storage.  Hard Assets Alliance – 750 3rd Avenue – New York City, NY 10017 (602) 626-3022

C) KITCO: 500 oz of silver bars ( May 31, 2019 $1573.96 per 100 oz ) x 5 bars = $7,869.80 To store silver or gold, the minimum is 25,000 ounces at $25.00 USD storage. One must sign a contract with Kitco in order to store silver/gold.  Research escalating silver prices

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  1. Global Shield Zone Andares Dentro del centro comercial Andares en Sótano uno, Blvd. Puerta de Hierro 4965, Puerta de Hierro, 45116 Zapopan, Jal., México Tel: +52 33 3611 3487 & +52 33 3611 3488
    The company was established about 15 years ago. It’s the only company to be endorsed and certified by the National Security Commission through the General Directorate of Private Security to provide secure storage services throughout the national territory. The facility has the highest level of security in place. It offers three different types of security boxes – family boxes, premium boxes, and personal boxes. Customers can store precious metals, important documents, jewelry, and other valuables in these boxes. Also, there is an option of increasing the insured amount if the client wishes so. The stored valuables are insured by the National Provincial Group (GNP).


    The Value Added Tax in Mexico is known as IVA and it is currently 16% on almost all goods and services, including gold. However, if gold has at least 99% purity, then it is exempted from IVA.


    Since we are not tax experts, Bullion Exchanges strongly advises you to cross check with a tax professional before making any precious metals investments in Mexico


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    From 9 to 18 hrs. Monday to Friday

    Social networks

    We remind you that Banco de México offers the facility “Contact us”, to address any inquiries related to its activities. In addition, in case you wish to request access to any information generated, obtained, acquired, transformed or in possession of Banco de México, you have the right to submit, at any time, your request in accordance with the applicable legislation on transparency and access to public information. You can place your request through our website available to the public for that purpose, located through the following link:


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