PBS Thanksgiving


The Recipe for this stuffed centerpiece in a YOUTUBE below

Make a huge bowl of smashed red potatoes with sprigs of sage, serve a side of nutty, cranberry hearty stuffing made with quinoa! Hmmmm add steamy green beans and a carrot / raisin salad! We have so much to be thankful for! Dress up your table with words of thanksgiving and a heart felt song for how God has provided all good things! Yummm, bake up some healthy PBS scones filled with fresh apples. Get creative with those yummy yams! What taste buds could refuse steamed broccoli with a balsamic vinegar glaze? Just google plant based thanksgiving for a recipe for each of the beautiful dishes in this Thanksgiving collage. Treat all your guests with the best desert of all – give them an encouraging, truth filled word of how they have personally blessed your life. Delightful heartfelt words will give every guest a soul satisfying word to take to heart. This Thanksgiving carefully plan to do a belly and a MIND FILLING


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