(IF) Intermittent Fasting

GettyImages-565706549-949x534TRUTH IS: People do not eat while they sleep, so an easy way to FAST from FOOD is to NOT eat after 7PM and then wait till NOON the next day to eat first meal. Drink lots of water before first meal, and spice up the water with freshly squeezed lemon or lime. It is also wise not to eat before bed. Acid Reflux occurs when you lie down to digest your fuel.  A diet without sugar diminishes our hunger considerably.  Blast through any plateau with a 16 hour fast which includes sleep. Final meal between 5 PM- 7PM – sleep, wake, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, wait till noon to eat your first meal of the day.  EASY PEASY! Fasting from 6 pm to 12 noon equals 18 hours of fasting!!! The 18 hour FAST done at least once weekly fast tracks weight loss!  Easy, effective, why not three days a week! Safely FAST as often as you like. Every single day turns into OMAD which is One Meal A Day.  ENJOY your journey and ROCK your WORLD.


FOOD CHOICES – Educate yourself before you choose.


A fellow blogger posted. “I have a Master’s in crop production and know how detrimental all types of intensive farming can be.  People don’t know that nitrogen fertilizers are produced using fossil fuels and NOx gas is released from these fertilizers which is 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The pesticides and herbicides lead to soil erosion and farm fresh food pollution.” Cows and pig meat does not harm people or the environment we all live in.  EAT what WORKS for YOU and BE HAPPY!


3 thoughts on “(IF) Intermittent Fasting

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  2. Hi CARNIVORE ♥ BENEFIT? 😃 If you have the runs, it means your microbiome (the bacteria you have grown in your intestine) is not able to break down your food properly, thus you may or may not be absorbing minerals and vitamins from the food. Try drinking a cocktail of water, apple cider vinegar, lemon and a pinch of sea salt. It should do the trick. Also a probiotic to help the growth of the right bacteria for your choice of animal protein. Those close calls while shopping might be helped by this solution!


  3. Follow Dr. Berg on Facebook or Youtube. Meat does not ROT in our colon. High fiber, or grains gets stuck in our large intestine and it gets broken down bacteria. It is putrid and it smells like bad broccoli in the veggie drawer. That is what happens in our large colon when we eat lots of fiber. Stinky bowel movements come from Plant Based people. Meat breaks down immediately in small intestine. People who have had slices of their colons removed report that the only things that dump into the colon bag is corn, grains, never meat. Our body tells us when we are hungry, when we are thirsty. FOR ONE MONTH eat only MEAT, EGGS, BUTTER, BACON three times a day and you will not lose weight. When we are satiated – HUNGER hormones register full. A little bite of cake will make you register eat more.


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