Who is this Guy?

Who is the Guy who supernaturally invades the souls of those seeking purpose and passion? What if I tell you that the Guy is actually invisible? Have you ever desired to have your soul set on fire with the power of God? Has your plug in cord been dangling because you are weary of all the corruption and bad news? We all have the FREEDOM of choice to plug into the Source of all good! Did you know that the world news is influenced by the Prince of the air and his name is Satan?  With the freedom to choose who we listen to, I challenge you to listen to both video’s below. REMINDER: Our beliefs are formed and destroyed based on what we choose to listen to. Who is your preferred Source of Wisdom? Do you trust in every word you hear from your favorite news station? Do you learn better by personal experience or from a book? When we intentionally plug into a different Source, our beliefs may be challenged, but with a fresh perspective, we are better equipped to choose the Truth, over possible lies! What person would not want to walk in the Power of God? The only reliable Source of Truth that is NOT covered on any news station is the Holy Spirit. After a personal encounter, Andres circled the globe to teach others how to access true LOVE!  Andres explains in very simple language how to engage the supernatural power of God! The 2nd Youtube tells why Andres began to question who is God. While in medical school he was exposed to several different religions and his Christian faith was rattled.  Andres Bisonni was just an average guy who lived in Argentina who was enrolled in medical school. While at university he met people from all walks of life and all faiths. He never wanted to become a preacher, or a speaker on stages. He wanted to heal the sick as a doctor. What happened?

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