It is time to pull our heads out of the sand to look at our financial futures. During the world wide lockdown of the Pandemic 2020, business as usual is NOT expected to return for at least 20 years. UPS is a Fortune 500 company and to survive they are forced to tank on employee 401K Worldwide News May 3, 2020: MUMBAI/NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India expects bad debts at its banks could double after the coronavirus crisis brought the economy to a sudden halt. (Reuters) – Norwegian Air said on Sunday it had secured support from enough bondholders for a $1.2 billion debt-for-equity swap. (Reuters) – South Africa’s finance deputy minister was quoted in his urge for the central bank to temporarily create money to fund the government. (Reuters) – Jordan has lifted all restrictions on economic activity to help jump-start the cash-strapped economy. Worldwide the PENSION Plans are imploding. Kentucky’s pensions less than $9 for every $100 promised. If state goes bankrupt what happens to POLICE, FIREFIGHTER,TEACHER pensions. Who stole their money? Shouldn’t Wall Street Bankers return the money they stole? Criminals! Posted by Kiyosaki on Twitter 8:00 PM · Apr 24, 2020 — Another guy on episode #3 on same “Who stole your pension” series a 30 year employee for UPS who had 500,000 in his 401K, at 58 years old, the expected $5,000 monthly income for life guarantee reduced down to less than $900 USA per month!!! WHAT???  A former US Attorney for the FIC, has investigated pension plans for 30 years. He says your 401K is doomed to fail as 2 billion baby boomers begin to draw on the promised funds.  Every single day the USA is printing more money and sending out billions to bail out the American worker and big business. How does this DEBT help our economy or secure our futures? Message from Kiyosaki on April 7, 2020  What is your plan to replace the income stream you are now receiving, or that you expect to receive from your pension plan? Income streams come from rental properties…and what else? I say PERSONALLY I have watched enough about the pandemic theories, and have moved into how I will sustain finance, and health over the next decade. Based on a variety of experts my choice is: I say No to vaccines; I say No to Microchips; I say No to Slavery; I say No to population Reduction; I say No to Government bullies; and I shout YES to freedom! Be MINDFUL of what your plan is. All promises are subject to change. The following is the truth about vaccines. Book Excerpt “The 1976 swine flu vaccination program was so fraught with problems that the government discontinued inoculations after forty-nine million people had received the vaccine. Out of 500 cases 200 people paralyzed and thirty-three dead. 20200501_003329In 1961, a cancer-causing monkey virus, SV40, was discovered which contaminated 98 million Salk polio vaccines. The SV40 virus was injected into newborn hamsters, the rodents sprouted tumors… Merck owns CNN and CNN lies about annual FLY deaths to announce get fly vaccine. Asthma, ADHD, Autism, Arthritis has increased since 1988 CDC vaccine schedules. Science discussion Parke-Davis, recalled their polio vaccine in 1961, NIH officials refused to pursue a total recall of the rest of the supply, fearing reputational injury to the vaccine program.” Judy Mikovits , Author of best selling book “Plague of Corruption” stated: “They told me what I was to say about my research. Tell everyone that you made it up and you can go home. And if you don’t we will destroy you. I refused, and I was held in prison without due process, I was given an ultimatum by the FBI, and my life was destroyed. Now it’s time for justice. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates & Big Pharma don’t want you to read my book. Learn truth about public health industrial complex’s decades of research fraud and dozens of VACCINE cover ups.” Intelligent talk about the money Bill Gates has invested to reduce population via vaccine. With a disguise of HELPING PEOPLE Gates is infecting and killing thousands in Africa. I simply Googled death rate in Africa due to vaccine and came to this STATISTICAL DATA https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK2284/.

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