Nuggets of John

95703652_1164531153885432_7085076762714963968_nNuggets rhymed to bedazzle! Lyrics from the 50’s stream through my head easily so I thought why not rhyme a letter to recall more easily!  The Gospel of John emphasizes our Father’s message of HOPE during the 2020 pandemic. Renew and rewind your mind with the GOOD NEWS.

John Chap 1 – God’s Word is the One
“In the beginning the Word was with God
and the Word was God.”
Jesus was with God in the beginning
and “In Him” life is still streaming!
He remains the eternal Light…
Jesus is NOT recognized by the world
who chooses to thrive at night!

John Chap 2 – He Who is the Son
A family wedding occurred …
Joyfully it was well attended.
The guest list included
Jesus and His crew.
His mother came, too.

Very soon the guests finished all the wine.
It was not His time, but He obeyed the sign.
His mother did ask and her Son rose to the task.
Checking with the Father it was the right place,
So no time did Jesus waste.

“Fill the jars with water,” Jesus instructed His team,
The jars were brimming with fine vino…
A reserve drink NOT a cheap whino,
Twas the very best glass –
Saved for the last!

The first miracle He did perform –
Eye witnesses were known to reform.
Those who had poured water,
praised God the Father…EXSot1eXgAI-7LF

as it supernaturally turned to wine,
It was an amazing sure sign
That Jesus is God,
and to Him we applaud!

After the wedding Jesus went to Capernaum.
Many stunned priests went totally numb –
The Word in the flesh, His Wisdom is fresh!

Jesus entered Jerusalem’s temple courts,
Stirred to anger watching…
a selling of all sorts.
“My Father’s house is no place to disgrace!
The Temple of God is a holy place!”

Jesus crafted a whip for rebuking
With mercy His hand gripping,
Our Lord took vengeance –
Holiness that day had no resemblance!

Jesus freed the doves, all goats and sheep,
He turned over the money tables
and demonstrated a clean sweep.
The High Priest and Pharisee –
Without eyes to see,
They protested loudly,
“Tell us Your Authority …
to claim our impurity!”

Jesus replied “Destroy it”
and I will “Restore it”
in three days He claimed!
How can His word be understood?
They mocked Jesus and plotted
To have the name Jesus forever blotted!

Crucified, Died and Resurrected,
Many in mass suddenly recalled
“Jesus said that He would be restored!
After 3 days He emerged as He said …
Returning to offer “Life in Him”
Faith restored and then…
Jesus ALIVE, back from the dead
I am the Way, Truth, Life, and the Bread
I am that I am, the only One.
I am truly God’s only Son!

Many people witnessed all Jesus had done,
The dead raised, the sick healed,
but all souls  — will not all be won.EXRUY-YXsAEB2fN

John Chapter 3 – He Who is the Savior – Protects us
A teacher of the law named Nicodemus,
Had many questions for Jesus.
Jesus said to the all knowing man,
“You need to be born again!”
“But I cannot re-enter my mom’s womb!”
Jesus who had exited alive from the tomb
Explained a birth not of flesh
but of Spirit afresh! EXRQ7qMVcAYOD0y
Nicodemus was obviously befuddled,
Jesus proclaimed…be ye not troubled!
“Faith is like the wind,
we cannot see it, but we believe it!”
For those who ONLY trust in what they SEE …
A Corona virus must then appear to thee —
Ahhh, but then somehow…
Thou can choose to believe God and bow!

Jesus was innocent and crucified wrongly,
Yet by faith we can choose to believe strongly.
All who are dead wrong in sin… are sick!
Death to ourselves can be quick,
We can confess and be healed –
and eternally sealed!

For God so loved the world that He sacrificed His Son,
for all those who believe in Jesus —
Supernaturally their death is undone!
As we SURRENDER  all to Him –
by our faith we touch His hem.
Life “in Him” and we never die!
Trust God, He NEVER lies!

Our Father did NOT send His Son to condemn!
He sent His Son to give NEW life in Him.
Believe IN Jesus as we all ought:
Alive in Him, condemned we are not!
If you choose to Reject Jesus in your heart:
Eternal life remains in burning flames…
A New life in Him He cannot start.

Without believing in God’s Saving Son.
Our Father’s only truth telling One…
We are lost in the dark,
Stumbling, hurting and without His mark!
Loving darkness to hide our sins?
The exact place where the Deceiver begins!
God knows what we think we cannot hide.
Our Father sees all within us…
and yet He offers forgiveness!

When we search our souls and come to admit —
that we need a Savior and Jesus is it !
We drop the “I’m all good” facade,
knowing the road to destruction is broad…
Freely we choose God’s Way, His narrow Gate
Gladly we accept Jesus as our eternal Hero of Fate!

Copyright © 2020 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.

All rights reserved.

Inspired by reading Author Stephen De La Vega’s paraphrased version.

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