A Part of His Story

73546677_526575964857644_3258382758791086080_nMy story could have been so different…

As i stood strong against the current!

Owing all to Jesus, my Lord…

Profoundly because…

My BURDEN of sin and shame

none OTHER could afford!

Formed in my mother’s womb

His purpose, His plan, His promises

Lifted me from my dark tomb!

His lavish mercy covered all

How could I not answer His call!

By His great hand and marvelous plan,

I was washed by the blood — and overwhelmed

by a flood of His eternal love.

My ways remain dead as I consume His daily bread.

Here I STAND on holy ground…

declaring the Truth found,

I am eternally bound!

Humbled I bow down…

to the King worthy of all praise.

Jesus, name above all names.

Gladly surrendered to my Creator,

Transformed for His purpose,

there is none greater!

Lord thank You for residing in me,

Holy Spirit ‘here i am use me’

Glory to God — that all eyes may see!


Copyright © 2019 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.

All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “A Part of His Story

  1. We are to always be prepared to give our testimony. It is written out briefly to enable me to practice sharing a 3 minute testimony in Spanish, in Mexico. My goal is to share it once a week. BARB TESTIMONY: Are you feeling alone? Does your heart hurt? Can I pray for you? Jesus changed my life from empty to full. When I was young, I lied to my family, and I stole candy. My dad abused me sexually and I resented my mom for not helping me. When I accepted Jesus as my Lord, i felt true love for the first time. All my sins were forgiven and my father provided for all my needs. Do you need a loving father? Do you want a better life? Jesus is the only way to feel peace in this world. His love will never abandon you. Invite Jesus into your heart and receive His love.

    IN SPANISH: Te sientes solo? ¿Te duele el corazón? ¿Puedo rezar por ti? Jesús cambió mi vida de vacía a completa. Cuando era joven, le mentí a mi familia y robé dulces. Mi padre abusó de mí sexualmente y me molestaba mi madre por no ayudarme. Cuando acepté a Jesús como mi Señor, sentí verdadero amor por primera vez. Todos mis pecados fueron perdonados y mi padre cubrió todas mis necesidades. ¿Necesitas un padre amoroso? ¿Quieres una vida mejor? Jesús es la única forma de sentir paz en este mundo. Su amor nunca te abandonará. Invita a Jesús a tu corazón y recibe su amor.


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