A Table Awaits

Come to the table that God has set for you, and be delighted that your place is preserved, with a name tag! While the current spiritual battle rages on, and new wars are contemplated, be secure in who you are “in Christ”. We are in His army, and we can feel like weary soldiers with buckling knees. We may even drag our feet in our walk of faith, but we pray through and we push on towards the banquet table that our Father promised and personally prepared for us. We shall feast on many glad tidings of the saints that previously went to glory. Inspired by the conversations that we may enjoy with Peter, John, Mary, Priscilla, Matthew, Luke and Paul…that in our weakness, He becomes mighty strong as He leads us on to victory! Our enemies may look in on us from the outside– indeed we may have even forgotten those who mocked us for our faith in Jesus. But the mockers and those who resisted the Truth will be prohibited from joining us. There are no name cards or placemats for them at our table. They are excluded from the promises of God, while we are entirely secure in His Word and by His love! AMEN

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