Equipped by Truth

photostudio_1493642793469“Christ in me, His hope for glory!” Think about that short active sentence from God and let it sink in deep. Repeat it outloud.  GOT IT? Ok, now think about the following amazing, supernatural act of God for our benefit! Jesus told us that He had to return to the Father so that the One that the Father promised could come! The Eternal One, the Omnipresent One, the Holy Spirit came as He promised to deliver unto us the supernatural ability to be changed, for our Father’s purpose.  Super Hero Capacity  The Holy Spirit can be in multiple people, worldwide, at the same time. We are assured in Scripture that this Person, will never depart from all those who believe, surrender, trust and obey because Jesus is their Lord.  “Greater is He in me, than he who is in the world” Who is it that is in thee?  Who is that?  In order that we may consistently, day to day, remain connected to He who abides in us, to the One who never departs from us, to He who was sent unto us —3783079_0 we must visit the tombstone of our ways, our will, and our selfish preferences.  Humbly, on bended knee, we bow to thank God for our new life “in Him”.  We no longer live, but Christ lives in us via the delivered Holy Spirit, so we WIN and we get to live the LIFE IN HIM that our Father planned from the very beginning. SO WHAT if our bodies are tortured to death! It is merely the container of the eternal Spirit of God. TRUE story: A single convert to Christianity in Korea was threatened to denounce Jesus or die. He boldly replied “You can kill my body, and it will bleed white blood, but I will not denounce Jesus.” He was shot dead in the plaza in Korea and white blood poured out. One man’s faith caused a huge revival and today the largest church in the world is a direct result of his crucified life. Obeying the entire Word of God, our ears are tuned into what the Spirit is saying and our tongues quickly confess that Jesus is Able to save anyone! His Way is perfect and it includes our individual, sanctifying, purifying, cleansing, being made holy journey. To be reborn, means we died, and Christ was raised in us as the “Spirit in us”. We are in Him, and He is in us.  The Holy Spirit residing in us requires that we continue to ‘personally‘ work out ‘own‘ free gift of our salvation.  The Bible says “Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear.” Philippians 2:2 NLT.  For the traditionalist the King James translates the words of Paul in this way “but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” The Orthodox Jewish Bible reads “but now much more in My absence, work out your own Yeshu’ah (Salvation).”  The easy to read version says it is even more important for you to obey now that I am not there. So you must continue to live in a way that gives meaning to your salvation. Do this with fear and respect for God.” Phil 2:12 ERV – At 3:00 am this morning I was awakened by the painful prick of the Holy Spirit. I sat up to pen a desperate prayer to God for HELP in my quest to “live in the Spirit” and bring my Father glory.  The whisper I heard after writing my prayer request was “Work out your salvation”.  Using BibleGateway I looked up the scripture reference in various versions.  Working out our “own” must mean that our salvation is a gift, and it is an ongoing battle to remain dead to our will and effectively “walk in the Spirit”.images (1)Running the race that is before us, requires implementing His plan while wearing the full armor of God.  We must push through the pain of our failures by our humble admission that we need to surrender our preferences, again, to His Way and will. We all fall short of God’s glory, and when we fall down, we cry out, His mercy is assured, and we get back up. We live in a fallen world and it is easy to succumb to pressures and temptations. When we are pricked, we are wise to obediently confess.  His mercy is that He will never depart from us. AMEN Originally our Father formed us out of clay,  and today we are the cracked pots that the Potter mends as we confess our sins.  “the Lord God forced the man out of the Garden of Eden to work the ground he was made from. Then He put Cherub angels and a sword of fire at the entrance to the garden to protect it.” Genesis 3:23-24 ERV 🌹 “It is an easy thing to argue from precedent because it makes everything simple, but it is a risky thing to do. Give God “elbow room”; let Him come into His universe as He pleases and do things His way. If we confine God in His working to our religious beliefs, or to specific ways according to our limited understanding, we are then placing ourselves on an equality with God, and this is very dangerous ground.” 🌹Oswald Chambers 🏁  images (2)We have been saved for His purpose and that purpose is that we extend the saving lifeline of Jesus to those that are dying and destined to spend eternity in a blazing hell where endless screams and the gross stench of burning flesh never ceases. The good news is as we keep confessing our fear of being rejected, His Strength rises up in us, and He compels us to trust in God as we lean on Him and not on our own understanding. Working out our salvation, we become the walking talking evidence that His grace is sufficient.  We can rest “in Him” knowing that all believers will be fully sanctified when we step into eternity, and not before. Working out our salvation requires a daily surrender, a choice, a preference to deny ourselves as we tune into what the Holy Spirit is whispering, NOT what the world is shouting. PRAYER:  Lord use me today, challenge me to personally tell one person per month about Jesus Christ. Your purpose in saving me was not just for my comfort. Lord increase my faith and courage to speak boldly about what truly matters most to You.  Lord, I also do NOT want to remain the way i have always been. Help me Lord to welcome problems as opportunities. In 2020 give me eyes to see, and a willingness to obey … take me out of my comfort zone and into Your glorious Presence. AMEN 🌹  “There are three of you. There is the person you think you are. There is the person others think you are. There is the person God knows you are and can be through Christ.” Billy Graham 🌹81964307_1073675706304311_1857438261618671616_n

Based on this verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”  Phil 4:13 early this morning I penned this prayer: “Dear God, forgive me once again. Oh how i need Your grace and mercy. At times my soul desires dash my hope of ever being pure and holy in Your treasured sight. My spirit desires to live more of my everyday life walking in “Your Spirit”. Nothing compares to Your power, and Your plans for me. Through Your merciful forgiveness, I ask in the name of Jesus, that my fear of failing you – is transformed into a deeper reliance on God’s unsurpassed power. As the Joy of the Lord is my strength, help me Jesus, by the power of Your Spirit to stand strong and courageous in the midst of any temptation. Give me Thy power to truly crucify my will, so that i may visit the tombstone of my selfish ways.  I trust in You oh God, purify me!  Create in me a pure heart, and fortify me with Your strength to resist the devil and all his schemes. Thank You for Your promise that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN  We work out our personal salvation with fear and trembling  “because our God is like a fire that can destroy us.” Hebrews 12:29 ERV but in His mercy “But I did not destroy them. The other nations saw Me bring Israel out of Egypt.” Ez 20:14 After reading chapters 20-223 of Ezekiel.  Being lied to on a daily basis by the mainstream media is condescending to those people who worked hard to pay for the sponsors that support the BIG LIAR. Mind numbing propaganda works because at some point, ordinary non-believers that run on will-power will have their will broken. This is exactly why Scripture in 2021 is being outlawed as hate speech. Fortunately, His Bride, His Church is unwavering as they stand on the solid rock of TRUTH. We operate by the power of the Holy Spirit, who strengthens us to hold fast to truth and opens our eyes to discern what is right. Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings.  All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him. He is worthy. So, be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act in faith, walk in faith, and pray in the spirit to be strong. We will have tribulation, but Christ has overcome the world.  bece8bea08fb1189 With an ear to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying, this morning in the wee hours I confessed a long list of what God shined His light on. We are equipped by God to live holy lives, but we must surrender daily to listen and obey the Spirit’s leading. Do you question Is the devil real? When the Holy Spirit does His job and convicts us, it is best to stop whatever we are doing, and go to a quiet place to genuinely examine our own ways, and what has been keeping us apart from God. Confess any idol worship that has gotten in between our personal relationship with God. Idols are simply anything or anyone we pay more attention to than God.Armed and ready “If you really listened to Him and were instructed about Him, then you learned that since what is in Yeshua is truth, then, so far as your former way of life is concerned, you must strip off your old nature, because your old nature is thoroughly rotted by its deceptive desires; and you must let your spirits and minds keep being renewed.” Ephesians 4: 21-24 The Complete Jewish Study Bible.  Most people tend to wander off into whatever entertains the hours of their day. As little children we adopted certain habits and perceptions of those we admired.  As adults we tend to go with the flow of fashion, and keep tuned into world news. What is our Father’s perception of how much time with spend with Him versus the voices in the world?  Do we reflect Jesus in our preferences? Many of our early beliefs about our worthiness is based on mirrors that people have held up to us. As children we all have admired others and we sought their approval.  We saw ourselves, even our faith through the eyes of our parents, siblings, teachers, and even strangers. Their simple facial expression or tone of voice could non-verbally communicate fear “uh oh, I’m in big trouble.”  48653975_lighten_the_load_5peInaccurately, many people have measured their walk of faith and their value by the beliefs they borrowed from people they had hoped to please.  If parents or anyone else neglected us as we were maturing, or seemed indifferent to us, most people who were disconnected to God withdrew into self-examination, to only resurface with a strong determination to impress others with the changes they made themselves.  The estimation of our value is not based on what other might see in us. God says “Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.” Hebrews 11:1  People who see us cannot see what the Spirit of God is doing inside of us. We can let Jesus take away our burdens, our extra baggage if we trust Him at His Word. Let us strive to please God and not those we admire.  If those we looked up to told us that we’re smart, talented and capable, we might have grow up believing that we can do wrong, that we are superior somehow. If our heroes told us that we are stupid, selfish, or bad, we may have had a hard time overcoming a world perception based on our appearance, our education, accomplishments or our performance. The truth is, most people look into mirrors that are distorted, however, if we look into Gods word we see who He says we are, and we are wonderfully made in His sight. Who shall I seek to please or mirror in this life? You guessed it 😍 Burning up in the quiet, returning on fire in 2020 “your beauty should come from inside you—the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. That beauty will never disappear. It is worth very much to God.” 1 Peter 3:4 ERVphotostudio_1493642793469

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  1. REPOSTED this entire post May 4, 2021 as the spiritual war continues to escalate. January 18, 2020 Mike and i wept and prayed together today and the mighty Power of God’s anointing flooded us for His, purpose, His glory. We cried out Holy Spirit increase our boldness, our courage, our willingness to spread the Gospel. We fear NOT, as the sting of rejection is wildly worth our persistence. We are willing to face persecution, even hate for Thy namesake. Innocent people all around us are destined to burn in HELL.We visualized clearly a picture of us sitting on a bench at the malecon with a lifesaving rope in our hand. A man,woman and child are thrashing in the water drowning right before us, we know that without Jesus they are headed straight to HELL…and we just sit there, we say nothing, because we are afraid of rejection? That is pathetic! We hope to never keep Jesus a secret anymore.

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