Heiress on the Move


My ideas are rustling without much direction,

They need to be lodged with great affection.

Massive ideas rumble in my gut,

I am to proceed…. out of my rut.

Ahhh the morning, full of splendor,

My thoughts stir in the blender…

Embraced by His closeness

Exquisite – is the stillness.

Love echos — a silent cadence envelops.

a wild vision develops!

The deep Significant One — has me in tune,

For delivery by noon!

Oh dear — am I ready?

Is a calm JOY steady?

A delightful awareness…

I am His heiress!

The possessor of Divine!

Today it is time….

Spirit beckons me “tell thy story in its fullness”

A life reflecting His constant

Streaming goodness! 84823765_1092057124466169_7398115793386340352_n

“His Love is always in Action”

My Birthright

His Promise

I am His Heiress 

November 27, 2020

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