A Sappy Christian

A Sappy Christian that leaks all over is the very best kind! “The trees of the Lord are full of sap.” Psalms 104:16

Without sap many trees cannot flourish or even exist. Sap from a tree is the most valuable source we can harvest. Maple Birch, Walnut and Pine sap contain healing minerals, enzymes, and highly beneficial antioxidants. Native Americans and other people have used pine sap for homeopathic remedies and even a chew that helps a painful tooth. Believers in Jesus Christ have an even more powerful sticky sap that is ever present to renew us and revitalize us if we allow the Holy Spirit to guide and teach us.  The Holy Spirit sticks to us like glue as long as we are obedient to His voice and direction.  He is the essential element of a successful Christian walk. “I will never leave you, or forsake you” God made this possible by depositing the Holy Spirit in us.  The new life “in Christ” includes the vital  infusion of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit a Christian cannot be a tree oozing sap for the Lord. Attending church or simply proclaiming I am a Christian is a dead thing without the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. The Spirit of the Divine is what gives us new life “in Him”. Our newness of thoughts, actions, choices and preferences are a result of this mysterious, supernatural deposit of God’s divine nature in us. As with the circulation of sap within a tree, the cause of its formation and how it pours out of healing properties is a mystery. The sacred life of the Holy Spirit in us is also the mystery that causes us to regenerate, to heal, to speak wisdom, to walk in the righteousness of God. As we listen to what the Spirit is saying and as we trust and obey, we walk in the Way of Jesus and become more like Him. That process takes faith, time and obedience to God’s living and active Word. As a believer, we feed upon the living Word of God and His life renewing, regenerating Word feeds our flesh as the blood of Christ sustains us.  How this occurs cannot be seen under a microscope or be charted on a scientific graph. It can only be experienced individually as we draw closer and more intimate with the One who dwells within. The sap of a tree can be analyzed and put to the test by using what the ancient of days designed it for.  The roots of a tree go searching through the soil with tiny sponges which suck up the minerals and life giving properties in the soil. The sponges filter out the gases, as they transmute (change, alter in form, appearance, and use effectively into a higher form) into minerals and properties beneficial to life.

The same unseen mystery occurs as we tap into the root of all life, Christ Jesus. Our new life is hid “in Him”, and this is the secret of the Lord, it is the supernatural, unseen, unknown mystery of man. The sap in a Maple or Cedar tree is not permanent, however, the surrendered obedient believer has the life of the divine ever present, full of power and energy.  Like a tree, we also do not bear fruit in all seasons, but inwardly and secretly, the divine is always at work. “In His defense Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” John 5:17  

The wisest man who ever lived wrote. “The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time.”  Ecclesiastes 1:8-10   

The grace and mercies of God are in constant motion regardless of our feelings, understanding or circumstances.  Sap manifests itself without the help of man, and as it courses through the roots and life of the tree, it bears foliage and fruit. The grace of God likewise works in us so that we may bear fruit that is seen and tasted by those who He draws near to us. That urge to engage another into a conversation comes from the Holy Spirit who is always at work in us to produce more fruit.  As we develop our relationship with others, we listen with our ears open to what the Spirit might give us to say. He faithfully gives us a word, or He may silence us just to listen and wait upon the Lord. The Holy Spirit, the life sustaining, unseen sap within will fill our mouths with sweet words of encouragement, or sometimes salty words of correction. We are extensions of the Tree of Life. We were chosen for such a time as this. God is Love and He is coming after every one! Be the person your Creator designed! Be that miraculous person that OVERCAME the tragedy, the pain, the disappointment!  Don’t wait for circumstances to change, be the change, be transmuted!

 The holidays pass and we thrill at looking back and celebrating the good and the bad! Expect His coming! Employ your gift, be a beloved, sap filled servant. Surprises come to delight us, to remind us, to encourage us that the BEST is yet to come!  Storms come and days are dark and then the sunrises and pierces the darkness!  This world can be harsh, hard and deceiving, but alas, our God is ever faithful, ever truthful. The world can persecute a believer that oozes sappy love, forgiveness and kindness, but the world cannot steal or diminish our JOY as that mysterious joy comes from God.  

Embrace each day, and celebrate life on earth, always remembering we are citizens of heaven! Rejoice because Jesus will return to take us home and while we wait remember – Jesus is not looking for an army of people filled with anxiety, but He delights in those who trust Him at His word. Let us strive to please Him as we wait with great excitement for the days to come. Celebrate each breath as it is a gift from God!

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