Walk in Unison

A Church in the Country


I came as a Lamb,

I humbled Myself, and I walked as a Man.

But this time I’m coming like a Mighty Lion,

And I will cause My Church,

To have a backbone like iron.

I will move by My Spirit and cause you to pray.

You shall pull down the strongholds that stand in the way.

For I am raising up people never seen before

Equipping My soldiers for the final war.

This battle will not be fought with ammunition,

But with songs of praise you will take your position.

Your ears will be tuned to the Captain’s command.

You will take back the Cities,

You will march through the land.

And women and children will take their stand.

All colors, all races, will walk hand in hand.

This Army will be filled with the Holy Ghost,

And their Commander in Chief as the Lord of Hosts.

Everyone marching in One accord,

All in this Army sold out to our Lord.

All with their eyes on the Crucified One,

And everyone moving in Unison!


Author Unknown

2 thoughts on “Walk in Unison

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  2. Revelation 3:8
    ““I know your works (behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one can shut)”…to the Church of Philadelphia, to the city Philly, Pa. Unified we pray for God’s Will be done. Read and apply this chapter of scripture in 2020 and trust God in all things. AMEN

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