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4202_600x600The ORACLE  is a detailed book written by Jonathan Cahn. A great read for those who support what God says about Israel. Every 50th year is a Jubilee year, and everything is to be returned to the original owner.   (Lev. 25:8-10) The Jubilee year of 1867, and in every Jubilee Year following, more of God’s promises are being restored to Israel. Insights about the “parasha” (the scripture verses read by the Jews around the world on the Friday evening of Shabbat) which are being prophetically fulfilled during the Jubilee Years. God’s Way and His timing is being revealed within the story of the ORACLE. Only God could have orchestrated the Hebrew names of people involved. The Prophecies unfold according to God’s will and Jonathan Cahn weaves the dates and times into a story that allows Believers and non-believers to engage with God’s supernatural way in this mysterious novel of truth being revealed.  

God reveals Truth to those who seek Him.  Cahn received many visions as he sought the Lord for revelation & interpretation about the “parasha”, and the Jubilees of the past and future.   Jonathan Cahn accumulated volumes of factual, biblical material. In this brilliant book, he presents his findings through a fictional prophet – The Oracle. The purpose of the book is to share all the biblical prophecies within Israel’s Jubilee years. “The Jubilean Prophecies Revealed” – This aspect of the book is truth.  The book reveals the history of God’s promised restoration of the Jews to the land of Israel. The events and the people mentioned in this book present the history of Israel. It is written in a circular, mystical style. This brief outline organizes Israel’s history in a linear way in order to simplify the nuggets within for greater understanding of Israel’s history.

THE ORACLE – The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled, By Jonathan Cahn

The Law of Jubilee is found in Leviticus chapter 25. “The return and restoration to your ancestral possession.” The Parasha – is a specific scripture that is read on a scheduled Shabbat around the word. This book has many examples of a “parasha” being prophetically read, around the world, as God’s will is being done through events that He orchestrates through people like Mark Twain who is completely unaware of how God is working through him. Consider how our Father has used you in His quest that “none should perish”.  In Ancient Times the land of Israel was described as a land flowing with milk & honey. In AD 66 The Jewish people in Judea revolted against Roman rule. A revolutionary government was set up. The Roman Emperor Nero sent one of his generals, AD 67, Vespasian to crush the revolt. The Jews began to leave the land. This began the timing of the Jubilee years. In 70 AD the Jewish people lost their homeland, Masada was their last stand. The defenders of Masada died by their own hand on Passover, the fifteenth of Nisan. The Romans remade Jerusalem into a pagan city and called it Capitolina. The land was renamed Palaestina, meaning land of the Philistines. When the Jewish people were driven into exile, the land withered away.  When the Assyrian Empire collapsed, at the end of the 7th century before Christ,  two powers were left to battle for supremacy Egypt and Babylonia. In Carchemish Babylonia dealt a decisive blow against Egypt and became the supreme power of the Middle East. 605 years before Christ, the Babylonians swept south & west through Syria & Israel.   In 1517 AD, the land was transferred to the Ottoman Empire. They were driven out in 1917 by Allenby. 

Jubilee of 1867 –the return & restoration begins, redemption begins. Moses prophesied, “a stranger would come from a far away land…”Deut. 9:22-23 

Mark Twain, “the stranger”, journeyed across the world on a steamship, his ultimate destination, the land of Israel, the city of Jerusalem. He described the land as desolate. The words of Moses were coming out of his mouth.  His real name Samuel Clements which means – ‘God has heard’ and ‘God is about to show His mercy’.  Then we discover that Mark Twain and Charles Warren are in Jerusalem at the same time, and lodging in the same place.  Zechariah 2:1-2 it is forecasted in the Bible that ” a man with a measuring line to measure Jerusalem…comfort Zion, and choose Jerusalem”  Enter Charles Warren, a British officer, who was sent to the Land of Israel to survey & map out Jerusalem. It was the first extensive excavation of biblical Jerusalem and the foundations of the Temple. The Man with the measuring line was a sign that God was about to bring restoration, He was about to build something.  Charles Warren uncovered the walls of the ancient city, ancient gates and uncovered the Temple Mount. In 1867, Charles  stumbled upon a shaft, which led to what had been hidden for 2,000 years, the City of David. The shaft led to the ancient water system of Jerusalem which was the beginning of the restoration of Jerusalem. The first waves of Jews came to the land.

The land of Israel was in the hands of the Ottoman Empire. A conflict over the star of Bethlehem led to the Crimean War. Due to massive loans the Ottoman empire was bankrupt. A new law was enacted allowing foreigners to purchase land. Jewish people secretly began buying land in their ancient land.  In 1867 the release of the land began.

Between the Jubilees… 1867 to 1917. The Jewish people brought the land to life. Persecution broke out in the lands of their exile during the First World War in August of 1914. The return: a trickle…  a stream… then a river. The land had been under Ottoman rule since Martin Luther. Theodor Hertzl, was the founder of Zionism 1897. Hertzl was called the father of the Jewish state. He prophesied in 50 years everyone will know zionism.  Zionism – is what is known as the movement of Jews returning to the land and the restoration of the nation. Between the Jubilees, in 1916 British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary, Lloyd George & Arthur Balfour, (who was in favor of a Jewish homeland) was the year in which Balfour (God’s choice) rose to power.

Jubilee of 1917 – the land is returned to the original owner. Britain drew up the Balfour Declaration. USA President Woodrow Wilson was in favor. It established in Palestine a national home for the Jewish people. It declared “the return of the land to the original owner.” 2,500 years earlier Cyrus allowed the Jewish people to leave their exile and return to their homeland. From ancient times God has used the words of kings and world rulers to confirm His purposes and to establish them. 

The “parasha” the Sabbath before the declaration is found in Genesis 12. It established the ancestral right forever. The right of Jewish people to return to the land goes back to Abraham. One problem, the British Empire didn’t have the land to give. It was in the hands of the Ottoman Empire. In 1917 General Edmund Allenby, an avid Bible student, became commander of the British-led forces in Egypt. Beersheba was Britain’s first major victory in the Middle East. It was the first place in the land to be claimed by Abraham and his children and the first to be restored. Allenby led the British forces to drive the Ottoman Empire out of the land, the liberation of Jerusalem.”parasha”  Isaiah.40:1-2

The Balfour Declaration was signed and Beersheba was regained on the same day. The “parasha” was Genesis 21:31. Two days after the decree was signed Allenby and his British forces entered the gates of the City of Jerusalem.

Between the Jubilees… 1917 to 1967 The Ottoman Empire stood against the restoration of the Jewish people and it collapsed! Between the two world wars, the British Empire blocked ships carrying Jewish refugees from the Holocaust to the land of Israel. It collapsed! America was raised to power. Truman took office in 1945. He had sympathy for the Jews. He told the British to release her 100,000 Holocaust, Jewish refugees to their homeland. “parasha” Deut. 30:3-5.  1947 U.N. resolution passed with Truman’s influence, Israel was recognized as a nation. British occupation ended. The U.N. divided the land into a Jewish state and an Arab state. Jerusalem was cut off from the new nation. Israel’s return to the land revived an old conflict of two brothers: Jacob & Esau, Jews & Arabs. 

1948 One of the Arab nations, Jordon seizes Jerusalem and much of the West Bank. In 1948 President Truman (God’s choice) was responsible for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It proclaims the right of everyone to return to his country. It is the year of Israel’s return & rebirth. David Ben-Gurion was the first Prime Minister of Israel. The Hebrew word that means “you shall return” are the Hebrew letters for 1948!

Jubilee of 1967 –  Jerusalem Restored to Israel.  In 1967 the world is stunned by the victory of Israel in the Six-Day War – The Soviet Union sent a false report to Egypt that Israel was going to attack. 200,000 enemy troops were on Israel’s border. Israel made a sudden strike and destroyed the air force of the surrounding Arab nations. Then the command was given; take the city. For the first time in 2,000 years Israeli soldiers entered Jerusalem. On June 7, 1967 Soldiers and priests entered Jerusalem through the Lion’s Gate. The “shofar” was blown, at the time if the wheat harvest, on the threshing floor, purchased by David, now the site of the Temple Mount. There were 1,333 days from the fall of Jerusalem to the loss of Masada and 1,333 days from the return to Masada and to the return to Jerusalem. The Law of Reversal. (explained in the book)

Between the Jubilees… 1967 to 2017. The dynamics of the Middle East changed forever.  The failure of Arab nationalism opened the door for radical Islam. Regardless of attacks, Jerusalem continues to prosper and grow. The Jewish quarter has been rebuilt as Jewish people continue to return to their land.   In 1948, Israel had  only 30 Messianic Jews, 70 years later… the estimate in the year of 2018 was that there were 30,000 Messianic Jews in Israel.  (from

While the world still refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, enter the Jubilee Year of 2017. USA President Trump (God’s chosen) officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  On September 17, 2019 corruption was exposed and Netanyahu remains Prime Minister! Soros was defeated in his expensive campaign to control election. Our God is mighty to be praised. His will be done on earth. 🙏🙏🙏

In 2017, the USA was the preeminent world power and Trump’s proclamation granted legal authority for the Jewish people to return to Israel. The Jerusalem Declaration. The Final Jubilee will be the return of Yeshua to rule & reign over His Kingdom from Jerusalem. This will be a complete restoration. (After reading the Oracle three times, this outline was written by Priscilla Greer.) A Shoresh Tour of Israel

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