Flight Imagined

“Imagination is the largest nation in the world!” Imagine the thrill of flying without wings, and not in any kind of man made contraption. Jesus invited John “Come up here” Did he fly or was he transported in an instant? The description given of the throne room, the elders, the winged creatures, causes my imagination to soar! Hearing the 24/7 worship must be like a symphony in surround sound as we see everything in HD. Imagine the ability to fly, sing, dance, paint as you open your mouth and sound like a flute, guitar, or a trumpet! Take time to imagine what heaven will be like. Who will you see? What glorious new colors and sounds there will be. Shout out the name of Jesus when Satan whispers thoughts of trash, that you’ll most certainly crash! With one shout of the name Jesus, the liar runs with his tail between his horns! Give your ears to the Holy Spirit, and give your mind a renewal in His word. With eyes and hearts focused on Jesus, we gladly surrender our ways to God, cuz Jesus is the One who saves, adopts, seals and empowers us with His Spirit. He never leaves us alone, He is in us to pray and see us through. He is the Alpha and Omega, our Master, our Saviour, there is no other!”

We are reading “Revealing Revelation” by Amir Tsarfati and the times we live in are marvelous to behold!

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