A Whimsy Tour

Imagination is the largest nation in the entire universe and it may be your day to deploy it! The ticket is FREE and we get to CHOOSE — IF today is the day to go on an amazing tour of GOOD times past, time present and time future! The passage into the extraordinary is by choice! Whenever you are ready, it is not necessary to pack along anything from this moment. JUST take an extended PAUSE and THINK on things you enjoy. Draw forth from the deep, THOUGHTS related to moments of happiness and gratitude. As you journey into the stored recesses of your brain, open the drawer filled with thanksgiving. Remember the glory filled peace FELT as you stood stilled by the magnificence of a sunrise.

Allow the child in you to FEEL that cool breeze that chills and refreshes. Capture that sense of excitement and feel the goose bumps for what lies ahead! Tap into that electrical surge FELT in a sky crackling thunderstorm. The scent of a rose, the peace found in a stilled lake. Rest in the comforting embrace of great moments gathered, on purpose — to treasure — and NOW attach that collected ANTICIPATION of WONDER to a beautiful thought tree NOW growing inside your brain. Water what you discover and LINGER in all those FEELINGS that connect your most happy times. The smell of rain; that ocean roar, that sea shell that hummed into your ear the secrets of living life in AWE. Take time to REFLECT on LIFE as a fantastical conglomeration of related THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and CHOOSE this day to SOAK in the fondest moments of life thus far. Brain Sweep

What Anne of Green Gables, Sacha and others seem to understand is that deep JOY is expressed with a smile, laughter and praise for He who remains strong in our weakness. As one DAWDLES on the GOOD and delights to declare thanksgiving in all circumstances, good, bad or indifferent, JOY bubbles up and gives us strength to carry on. “As long as thanks is possible, then joy is possible!” We are all on a quest, in a unique physical TIME buggy, with either red, brown, black, blonde, or grey hairs!  

Our to do list may seem daunting today, and we may feel the strain of unfinished business, a bit of frustration, feelings of overwhelm, or anxiety about crossing the finish line on time. BE careful not to dismiss whatever you may feel. Do not slide into a state of having to be positive all the time, that is actually unhealthy. Healthy responses to adverse or stressful situations in life need to feel welcome. What we repress, depresses. The Carousel of life has us go round and up and down. It is ok to temporarily feel sad, discouraged, frazzled or upset…confident that JOY returns in the morning!

Being truthful with how we FEEL in a moment is HEALTHY and OKAY. We were gifted by God with emotions, and His immense power. We have the FREEDOM to choose and REST in HIM. Take time to REMEMBER all that He has done, and all that He has provided so that we can just CHILL in His presence. Our human nature is embedded with a quest for ‘more’. Instead of more things, perhaps spending TIME collecting more —unforgettable moments of happiness — will benefit our minds and spirit. It is a CHOICE to keep our gathered moments as the genuine TREASURES of LIFE on earth. Many struggle to reach, seize and squeeze the most happiness we can out of life.  The truth is that happiness depends on circumstances, it is not JOY. Happiness is fleeting so we must concentrate in order to conjure up past happy times. Happiness disappears when trials come and it cannot be fabricated. The good news is that JOY resides beneath the surface of our emotions. Take time to REFLECT on who abides within. Those watching you will witness that light in your eyes, your peaceful countenance, and the serenity you feel, even though the adversity you face is troublesome. JOY is the substance of the soul and it holds us together with the strength of God. “Do not grieve, for the JOY of the Lord, is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10 Express the JOY within you by using your gift of choice, every day!.

The holy grail of joy is NOT in some exotic location.  It is right here, in every single happy, hurtful, messy, and glorious moment we get to experience. CHOOSE this day to take a slow walk and THINK on those things that bring you happiness. Allow the JOY within to refresh you. Take care to spend time reflecting on “What is good about this situation?” Listen to the voice within and rejoice in the truth. We all feel sad at times, and people tend to define SAD as BAD but in reality it is GOOD —for if we choose to THINK about those things that are praiseworthy, our heart will burst with genuine thanksgiving! Knowing that “He who abides in me, is greater than he who is in the world.” God has promised with His faithful assurance that He has more goodness stored up for all those who wait on Him — He gives us inspiration and imagination to think about what lies ahead. We can trust that the future He planned for us is grand!

It brings me great happiness to celebrate my friend Sacha Phariss, a self-taught artist who started painting professionally in 2014. She was born in Santa Cruz, California, in 1990 and moved to Mexico in 2004. She is fascinated with horses and began drawing them as a young child at the age of 16. This fabulous artist is the creator of the Time Machine pictured above. Even the famous Star Trek Captain Kirk, Mr. William Shatner himself marvels at one of her stunning oils hanging in his home. She embellished each of the horse models with an artistic flair. Some steeds sparkle with gems in their ornate details. She painted each stallion to fascinate as the Time Machine slowly spins.

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Each horse was given a name and story. Sacha’s version of “The Time Machine” actually lights up as it twirls. The machine was specifically designed to capture your attention to the detail of your dreams and visions. The glittering golden brown “Gutenberg” horse seen in the photo was inspired from time past, way back from the year 1440. The horse carries the memory of the first printing press. Since my mother was born in Germany, a copy of this masterpiece will be displayed on my mother’s antique buffet. As Euphrates, Valiant, Vespucci, and Time Warp follow Gutenberg’s lead, the other steeds that ride this Museum Piece of art also have the amazing ability to supercharge your imagination. Sacha Phariss was gifted the imagination and the talent of crafting oils and model horses that ignite the spark of LIFE within us all. Giving all glory to God, we can thank Him for how He inspires and uses us to take a WHIMSY TOUR of all His blessings, past, present and future. Follow His leading and make the JOY rising in you absolutely contagious! Cool Thoughts

Saddle up upon your happy moments in time and take a JOY ride! Click link for more paintings by Sacha.


LIFE on earth is short, so take the TIME to enjoy every happy moment, over and over again. TODAY is the day designated to have FUN and indulge the glorious gift of imagination. Blessings and FAVOR to all – Choose Life, Love, Joy, Thanksgiving and a bit of WHIMSY! Make a list of all that you are immensely grateful for and THINK on these things. Take an hour today to LINGER in that which brings you the most happiness. Reap enormous benefits from reflecting on all the good, let go — and be engulfed in it! Sacha wrote about each horse riding on the TIME MACHINE. Read it in the comment section.

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  1. “The Time Machine” written by Sacha Phariss -“Take a ride on any on of the five horses on this time machine/carousel and be transported to a different time or world. Pick a horse wisely and ride at your own risk.

    Euphrates: If you choose to ride Euphrates you will be able to go anywhere from the beginning of time to the end of the Roman Empire. His outfit is based on the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Persian/Babylonian horse art from that time. The model started as, was the Huckleberry Bay mold.

    Valiant: A rode on this guy will have you anywhere from the 13th-17th Century! FIghting dragons, in King Arthur’s court or maybe even a chateau in France, it’s your choice. His armor depicts some of my favorite stories from that time. Left front, St George the dragon slayer. Left back, Camelot, round table/shield and Excalibur. Right front, a VIking boat. Right back, William Tell’s crossbow and apple. Valiant started as Salinero. For the finishing touch he is decorated with synthetic and real diamonds.

    Vespucci: The age of discovery and exploration. He is named after AMerigo Vespucci, the explorer that the Americas are named after. A ride on this guy will take you anywhere from 1480-1915. Take a ride and discover new worlds and inventions. He has an Indian war bridle and his paint markings include a ship, pyramids, the wild west, North and South America, etc. Vespucci started as the SHow Jumper mold.

    Gutenberg: If the other horses did not tempt you to ride then maybe Gutenberg will. Go to the time of your favorite book even into the future, if it is written then you can go there with Gutenberg. He is a drastic custom; there is not a piece of the original plastic showing. He started life as a Rejoice. He has a book for a saddle and a fairy tale style set of tack with books as decoration. He is named after the first ever printing press from around 1440.

    Time Warp is kid of a mystery horse because you don’t know where you’ll end up! She is the most important part of this machine, she represents love and it is her that is powering the machine. When someone chooses to ride her they don’t go back in time or forwards in time, they go into another dimension where they get to spend 24 hours with a loved one. This person or animal could have passed on already or could be someone you don’t know yet or maybe someone that isn’t even born as of the time you ride. You go to a place of peace where you can enjoy 25 hours that you will never forget with someone that is or was or will be a very important part of your life. I want to be clear about this: you don’t go forward or backwards in time, you get new time! Time Warp was a Salinero. She has a working clock in her neck and a diamond shaped red ruby heart with what I cam calling pieces of the universe inside her. She is painted like a Lipizzaner in honor of the first horse I ever had. (Twilight, a selfless sweet creature that is greatly missed.)

    This brings us to the machine itself. It is made of acrylic glass with a universe painted on the ceiling and a vintage map in Latin on the base and a giant hour-glass in the middle that can be flipped so the sands of time can flow. This may all sound fantastic to you and out of the realm of Reality. Does it actually work? All you have to do to make this machine work is have a little imagination, let it take you to the place/time you have always wanted to go. Close your eyes and think of the things you will do and enjoy, of a loved one’s embrace, the smell of the clean air, feel the wind blowing your beautiful memories back to you, think of the good in your life and the miracle of it. Open you eyes and now you have been there in your mind and it did work! Remember there is no one like you in all of the world, no one takes your place, there’s only on of you. You are very special, enjoy the miracle of your life and make the most of every moment in the time you have now. ” Written by Sacha Phariss inside the brochure that accompanies THE TIME MACHINE

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