Childlike Faith blesses our Father

Our Father takes pleasure in the FAITH of a CHILD. Little children or babes in Christ, receive the good news at face value. They simply receive and believe without question. Frolic in the fantastic forgiveness of our loving ❤️ Father.

All situations cause us to make choices. We are called to “Lean not on our own understanding”. We are told to ask our Father for wisdom. Inquire of God first, obtain His advice in Scripture then be led by the Spirit, not a narrative. The Hebrew word for Atonement means “to cover” A child simply accepts the covering of God, and lives secure in His blanket of protection. Before going outside to work or to play, a child of God asks “Father where would You have me go ?” The Guide, the indwelt Holy Spirit then leads us safely. The confidence of a child knows and trusts.

The written Word of God is the adult guide to walk in the Way, joyfully and within His abundant grace. We know that the Holy Spirit will never direct us contrary to God’s Word. The Bible stands forever as God’s manual for a life that keeps us in God’s favor. Proverbs 14:12 – There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

4 thoughts on “Childlike

  1. Faith is a gift, and we are to treasure it, and remain in awe as we seek all that God has for us. As maturity comes, our Father asks us to return to our first love. Remember the joy of our salvation. We will only know in eternity how many tragedies His angels protected us from. Praise God, we are undone by Your faithfulness. AMEN


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