California Fire

A California church is on fire! Revival broke out as the Spirit of God drew souls to His alter of mercy and grace. The Message from Evangelist, Pastor TJ Malcangi from Montreal, Canada. “The FIRE of GOD makes things so HOT that people get FREE!” Forward to 30:24 to catch the flame. May a mighty wind blow through your spirit.

Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, God had a plan for you. You are not a whoopsy child, your birth was not an accident and you have a holy calling. God asks “Whom shall I send?” When we say “I do not have much to offer” God can take a nobody and make them into somebody, without anybody’s help. He does it Himself for His glory. Our Father in heaven calls us and we just reach our hands up and say “Send me”. Transform your mind with WORDS of LIFE and take the torch to the streets.

These anointed Words inflamed my spirit on March 19, 2023. LifeSong Church in Stockton, California. The devil has lost his mission to destroy Generation X, Y or Z! — “For God so loved the world, that He chose you!” Listen to the very end, to receive a lasting blessing.

My body is a temple of

the Holy Ghost…

that I may boast,


of the Power I humbly host!

For He who dwells within me…

Speaks deeply,

with all Authority…

as the prince of the air,

evaporates in silence,

without a trace of influence! Yes I can laugh at the days to come, as I stand in the VICTORY given

by the only One..

who set me apart,

from the very start,

For His will to be done!


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