Buttery Good

Doctors that stick to what they learned in medical school, freak out when you tell them that you are eating red meat and butter. They were taught to prescribe statins for high cholesterol, but have they read the latest science? A slide show within this post is for all who have a concern about high LDL or HDL. Did you know that the NEW norm for blood pressure is 140/90 ? That would mean that many no longer need ONGOING meds to regulate BP and LDL levels to avoid the risk of a heart attack. THIS INFORMATION is shared for the benefit of those who worry about eating meat. Dr David Diamond has a PHD in Neuroscience. His application for life insurance in 1999 his doctor suggested statins. Listen to the new SCIENCE.

What is Buttery Good for your BODY and BRAIN function is also satisfying your GUT needs. People with insulin resistance, metabolic disease, diabetes type 2, hypertension, psorisis, anxiety, MS, cancer and other life changing diagnosis have all benefited from the NEW science on HEALTH. Follow Dr Anthony Chaffee, Dr Ken Berry, Dr Philip Ovadia, 5 Minute Body, Dr Robert Lustig, Dr Eric Westman, Dr Jason Fung, Dr Boz, Dr Ramngan Chatterjee, Dr Michael Eades, Dr Shawn Baker, Dr Mindy Pelz, Dr Pradip Jamnnadas, Dr Keith Runyan, Dr Paul Mason. Are veggies good for you? A Lectin Impact There are neuro-sugeons, heart surgeons, Nephrologists and people who have corrected their own disorders with food, NOT medications. This slide show includes comments from below various video’s produced by the above A list.

What is the positive change that has made the most difference in my life? Allow the truth to saturate your mind and listen to the new science to become fully persuaded that eating meat will not cause a heart attack. There are a lot of voices out there and this woman’s testimony popped into my news feed. It was worth sharing. What was it that dramatically impacted her life, face, gut and attitude? She simply added BUTTER! She inspired me to add heavy whipping cream and MCT oil back in my morning cup of coffee. ENJOY the change and study the information.

This Steak and Butter Gal cleared up her psoriasis, acne, and itchy eczema with food. Dermatologists did nothing to relieve mher pain with and meds. By simply eating steak, eggs and butter, her complexion cleared, and her metabolic system got regulated. OMAD is one meal a day. 511 is a 7 day protocol for optimal health. 18/6 fasting schedule for 5 days. Then a 24 hour water fast dinner to dinner. Then a KETO FLEX day reminds the body that is not starved. DO NOT be too rigid and enjoy LIFE. Dr Pelz shares results of a 14 hour FAST which is 10 hours of eating. People lost belly fat, BP went down, and AC1 improved. ELIMINATE vegatble oils and eliminate cellular inflammation. When you eat out – what oils do they fry the meat, or potatoes in?

I followed the Steak and Egg Gal on YouTube and got the buttery good recipe for EGG SALAD. Boil 8 eggs, use 1 half cube of grass fed butter. Peel eggs, smash into room temperature butter, add a pinch of sea salt and smile while you indulge your fatty steak with a side of egg salad. After being FAT adapted it was easy for me to FAST for 32 hours. On April Fool’s day 2023 was the day I began a Carnivore Challenge. Back to KETO and FASTING to lower inflammation. Join Keto Kamp and benefit from the jewels of INFO. Ben teaches that our body is like a refrigerator filled with foods that have expired. This creates a toxic enviroment that causes cellular lining inflammation. Employed the Keto King pillar of 2222 = 2 tbls of olive oil, coconut oil, butter and salt to prepare by getting fat adapted for a 2 day fast. My inner Physician, my Healer is the Holy Spirit who gets a break when I do my part by fasting. Fasting helps me discipline the out of control desire for carbs and sugar which actually sets the body up for cancer, anxiety, high blood pressure etc. In the fasted state we are super mentally alert and in touch with the intelligent design of my body. Autophagy is activated by fasting. Fasting causes PacMan to get to work eliminating zombie cells, which are inflamed membrance cells. In the state of authophagy the bodies immune system gets a boost, it lowers inflammation.. Blood Panel Proof

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  1. “I don’t really think supplements are needed in general unless someone has a specific deficiency.

    It does seem that reducing inflammation and reversing the things that would cause diabetes and metabolic syndrome can absolutely unglue the arteries, so I would imagine that yes you can. Dr Aseem Malhotra who is an interventional cardiologist in the UK has written about that in his book a statin-free life.”
    Dr Anthony Chaffee on April Carnivore challenge


  2. At age 71 I elect to put 1 tbs MCT oil in my coffee 3 times a day while FASTING. If I get rapid BM’s — with zero hunger GREAT. MCT oil decreases appetite, improve memory, lower glucose, lower inflammation, decrease cortisol, decrease blood sugar. Enjoy a 3 day or 72 hour FAST once a month and give your body a rest. Mitochondria respond well to MCT.

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