Unspeakable Joy


Hush, listen, for a whisper—have you heard?

Trails leading, His voice calling,

His absolute Love —spell binding.

Calmness stills, His Presence engulfs…

Consumes, and completely submerges

the soul that delights in His drowning.

The world is silenced, alas we stand in awe!


Elated, taken up into the eternal,

beauty beyond words.

Tranquilized to stillness in His gentle embrace,

Oh the sweet allure of His passion,

Swallowed by compassion.

Elation implodes

within my position…

Mesmerized by His Glory,


The melody of  heaven drizzles over us.

In a blessed trance, we dance.


Embraced by the moon, happy as the sun,

deeper than the ocean,

is our Father’s love for all.

Doe eyed, we breathe in the living Grace.


Choirs of angels sing purely..

Receive His Embrace

Abba Father pleased

His purpose fulfilled,

ahhhhh elation continues eternally.


Excellent sermon on JOY. 1 John 1:4-10 “Make our JOY complete” Admitting that if WE claim that WE do not sin, we make God a liar. Can we be joyful knowing that the majority is lost? All sin is equal and WE are ALL called to judge ourselves. Rest in Him There is freedom in confession to soar with joy as a renewed slave to Christ. 2 John 1:6 Luke 7:47

1 Corinthians 15:41 “So will it be with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable.” Words are powerful, they are purposed to transform souls.  


Poetry rises up in those that seek to glorify the Almighty Creator of all that is. AMEN

8 thoughts on “Unspeakable Joy

    • Glory to God – The best life is filled with grace. That life is found in Jesus, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Many people sail through life thinking happiness is something they have created. Good fortune, success in work and play, toys purchased, places seen — all things they think they brought about. Yet when they lose their health or their stuff, they despair. Sometimes it takes the loss of this established order, to enlighten our darkened hearts. The reality is that God’s favor, protection and provision remains on those who trust Him and obey. Joy of an eternal nature will ever last. Such JOY is found in our quick obedience to confess that without God’s grace we would expire. This is because God’s grace fills the holes in our holiness. Even loss of worldly comforts can not bring about despair to those that love God above all else. Those who are fully persuaded, know that the God we worship, forgives, loves, issues mercy and 70 x 7 chances to return to His grace. How can we despair when we have been showered with such an abundance of grace that no hardship that comes our way can detract from the peace and joy that we have experienced in our life in Christ?

      Compared to this grace filled life, all else is but folly. Grace has liberated us from all the temporal nature of earthly happiness, and has taken up residence in our heart, from which springs forth the healing that transforms us. This grace makes us whole, and our sickness disappears as though it never was.

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    • Wishing you joy in 2023. Deep change occurs in our spirit, almost an urgency comes to “get ready”. This feeling is a result of moving past fear, past ignoring a difficult situation and hoping it goes away, past giving up because it seems like the situation can’t be changed or fixed…once passed all of those, you are at the only possible conclusion- God must and will show up and I must seek His will on how to pray šŸ™ During deeply disturbing times, when we call out to God, He is there. It’s where all our Bible reading, prayer, praise, and worship are supposed to end up- at the throne of God boldly asking our Father to guide us. We know the end of the story, and the end of history for us on earth. Our relationship with God is more precious than even. He is not just listening to you but He is working with you in prayer. It’s a dance with moves that you and the Almighty know, somehow instinctively. It’s a place when you are having a conversation with someone and you stop and say “well okay then, let’s pray about it.” Father God, we pray Thy will be done, protect us from evil, we await Your justice. AMEN.” Our Father delights in transformation, He delights when we depend on the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit, He delights in child like faith. Okay Lord…I am listening and looking to You in the spirit of thanksgiving. AMEN

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