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Cheers to all who wake up with thoughts to pen such beautiful tales, poems and audacious truths!  Your gift to write, your bold ‘sketcher’ spirit definitely lifts mine. WordPress is a safe place to spill out anonymously.  I enjoy reading the wonderful works of an international group of people!  Bottom line — does it really matter if we get read by friends?  NOPE, as a writer, we pen because we MUST. To have readers, followers or comments is absolutely non essential. Writing to me is a release of that creative spark that was given unto us all.  Photographers capture passing scenes of joy, war, love, and the glory of God.  Bloggers stretch our imaginations with shocking, witty and profound communications that inspire us to record that still small voice and His promptings.  A writer must GAB about what she must, and so I do on GAB.COM without censorship, this writer found another place to add her two cents!

With my ordinary personality, I give a voice in what is, and what may come.  It is also great to be immediately published and liked by so many kindred spirits.  I extend my blessing to all those who express what they must.  Blog on boldly and know your effort makes a difference!  When I retired in December 2013,  my husband and I moved to Mexico in January 2014 – My first book was plucked out on an Underwriter typewriter when I was seven years old, based on a vivid dream. In 2021 I turned age 70 and I have experienced miracles through my faith in Jesus Christ. Blissfully I get to use the gift that He gave me, to be a scribe that pounds out immense revelations to me, that may be helpful to another soul.  One dream was to publish a book, another dream was to one day own and live in a brick house.  While living along the shores of an 800 year old fishing village, in a brick casa, I post what runs through my mind and I categorize these twirling thoughts with tabs.  During my career life I held many positions, none of which had anything to do with publishing.Barb 2015Finally it was time to release my passion for writing whatever enters my mind without worrying about what family or friends might think. Abiding in the awesome beauty of Mexico, words of praise to God abundantly and easily pour through. The written word of God is powerful, and His written word has transformed my life.  The utterances of the Holy Spirit in the middle of the night wakes me up that I might jot down a bit so I can sleep until I return to finish it.  My Father’s way of blessing me with a privileged ministry that reaches out to hundreds of countries.  When we get called or compelled to do something, every fiber, cell, muscle and molecule of our body knows and signals us to get busy about our Father’s business. The dream God gave me was brilliant!  Wide awake and amazed that Jesus contacted me to make His message simple, i quickly wrote down what I saw and shared it with my husband.  For many years I mused about writing a book, but the subject matter eluded me.  God’s Word is something I am passionate about, Jesus is who I go to, Who I rely on to tell me the truth. So a summary of the entire Bible took 40 days and after months Behind the Curtain was published on Amazon.  God had prepared me, a high school educated nobody to do His will.  As a retired ‘Hearing Clerk’ for ten years it had been my job to listen to what 20 people were saying and condense those multiple conversations into minutes.  With reflection, I now know that it was God who got me that job, for His purpose!  After condensing the New Testament into 80 pages, God led me to the right publisher to get it translated into Spanish.

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I am a simple woman who speaks very little Spanish, but these are a few recipients of Biblia Compacta. I am thrilled that quadrant of waiters from Panino’s formed a Bible study group after reading the summary in Spanish. They were delighted to also receive a FULL BIBLE in Spanish once I learned of their passion for more TRUTH.  Hallelujah, all glory to God.

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Luke 12:34 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” 2 Corin 4:7  Our value is not based on what we do, or what we have accomplished in ministry, we are loved by our Father simply because we live.   “Always ready to give an answer to everyone who asks…a reason concerning the Hope that is in us.” 1 Peter 3:15 – May your hope expand in Jesus! Peeking behind the veil of how we appear, we discover the deeper, the more important things that have made us who we have become to the glory of God. It took 40 days to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation while listening to an audio version on fast speed. More than anything else I want to see a demonstration of the Spirit of God falling down like rain on the people of Mexico! I pray that His Glory comes down and that Jesus touches and changes hearts.   Purchase a copy on AMAZON ebook or paperback.


My life travels had me sampling cultures in Korea, Germany, New Iberia, Louisiana, Houston, then in 2018 Israel. Working as an outside sales person, and a life coach in the network marketing arena, the hearts of all classes of PEOPLE has consistently been the main source of my inspiration to write.  In 2001 – BOOM – the blogging bug got me! The ease and art of self-publishing is fabulous!  I am encouraged to post deeper thoughts than I post for family and friends on Facebook.  Most social media is …well, socially acceptable, not deep. On WordPress the interaction from other bloggers is thrilling. Germany, India, Australia, Spain, China, and all over the globe – making comments that the whole world is not notified of…that in itself is gratifying.  Exchanging thoughts with other wordy warriors is fun! I love exchanging comments with people I will probably never meet. I genuinely do not give a rip about exposure, fame or fortune.  The amazing comments from the ordinary person to the published author float in. Initially I am stunned, then I quickly reply with glee.  As a proud female who has experienced many delights, places, tragedy and adventures. At the age of seven I typed my first book on an Underwood typewriter in my dad’s insurance office. Seams stapled, I self published a yarn about a ribbon. It is my belief that to be speechless is to be found silenced, devoid of hope for expression.  The world marvels us, it devastates, manipulates and causes all to imagine.  Song writers spin magic with their lyrics while bloggers speak substance into those who may have otherwise remained silent. My faith has been challenged many times, and if one does not ever doubt, well the scriptures says “your heart is deceitful above all else”. 1 2012 Mike and Barb

Writing is indeed a retreat from reality. A time to lodge scattering thoughts, a place to ponder what was, what is and what may come.  I am a mother, wife and a humbled writer of “what is” true for me.  My views, my ramblings, my penned words are often what I might say IF asked. The truth about this blogger is that she knows better than to speak all these words to anyone. At the seasoned age of 62 – I was able to move into my country dream home in Mexico.  Many of my musings are logged here in order for me to return to when I am truly old!  I shall marvel at my wit, nonsense and poetic views.  I also feel safe recording the deepest woe of losing my son and mother within a month in 2016 – and how scripture, God’s Word held me together. Good Grief  For all who have lost a child, I have great compassion and this may comfort you.   Also a homily for my mother Momma Mia.  Thanks for clicking in and for liking whatever post may tickle your fancy. My sincere encouragement to you today “Boldly Blog whatever is in your heart” It will be read, and not judged by me.

Barbara Alley Hoyle (a child of the sixties born in Sept 1951)

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