Books of Bible


1st 2nd 3rd JOHN In a nutshell, behave, be good, and serve the kingdom

1st and 2nd PETER The fisherman who denied Jesus

JAMES The brother of Jesus, Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

HEBREWS The Son of God, Jesus is over all, the King of Kings

TITUS and PHILEMON Short letters of Encouragement

1st and 2nd TIMOTHY Administration of Churches

1st and 2nd Thessalonians Keep Calm, Keep on Working

COLOSSIANS The supremacy of Christ

PHILLIPIANS Joy, how to find it and keep it (30 days of reading and writing summaries)

EPHESIANS God’s Glory, Foot Soldiers for the Kingdom

GALATIANS Be FREE, Behave, Be good this GOOD FRIDAY !

SECOND CORINTHIANS Be humble, Be Holy, Be forgiving, Be One in Christ

FIRST CORINTHIANS Who shall we follow? **

ROMANS Faith is a gift from God **

ACTS The Holy Spirit came, Saul converted to the Apostle Paul **

John The Revelation of the Deity of Christ **

LUKE The Spirit of God enables us to do MUCH **

Mark The shortest Gospel of the four Gospels **

Matthew The true meaning of Easter is found in the New Covenant **


The Bible has 1,200 pages with a total of 807,000 words.  The purpose of the book to be published in English and Spanish entitled “A Reader’s Delight” Summarizes what God wants to convey to new believers in just 80 pages with 56,000 words.  “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Malachi  Honor God or He will be silent in your life **

Zechariah The beautiful vision of Christ returning **

Haggai God will supply for all that is needed **

Zephaniah The promise of God’s glory **

Habakkuk Get your questions answered **

Nahum  Our Father is jealous of His people and vengeance is His **

Micah A prophet quoted by Jesus **

Jonah The prophet who ran, but God caught him and had His way.**

OBADIAH Pride comes before the fall**

AMOS God used a rugged Shepherd to shake up Israel**

Joel Good News for those who trust in God **

Hosea A love story that reflects God’s wreckless love towards us **

Daniel The writing is on the wall, the King of kings is coming soon *

Ezekiel God speaks through dreams and visions **

Lamentations Suffering is a part of life on earth **

Jeremiah Listen to God or weep **

Isaiah The prophet of God reveals what will happen, and it does **

Song of Songs Proclaiming His love for His church **

Ecclesiastes Finding meaning in this life **

Proverbs  Get wisdom and live well. How to avoid strife. **

Psalm Our Comforter, our Teacher, our Counselor speaks **

Job Suffering, patience, and our Trust in God leads to blessings **

Esther A Courageous woman of faith. The Feast of Purim celebrates what she did **

Nehemiah About Leadership / Restoration. An overview from Genesis to Nehemiah **

Ezra A revival for the study of God’s Word came through Ezra **

1st and 2nd Chronicles Revival through Asa, Jehoshaphat, Joash, Hezekiah, Josiah **

1st and 2nd Kings Solomon builds the Temple, the Temple is destroyed **

2 Samuel  King David Ruled. King Solomon, Ark of the Covenant **

1 Samuel Hannah dedicates her, Samuel anoints Saul as Israel’s first king **

Ruth A Moabite, non- Jew becomes the great grandmother of king David **

Judges No king in Israel, the Prophets Deborah, Gideon, Samson **

Joshua The conquest and occupation. God inhabits His people **

Deuteronomy Moses dies, a book about obedience and blessing **

Numbers Moses strikes rock, Moses anoints Joshua **

Leviticus  The Feasts and the House of Worship Established **

Exodus Moses, Aaron, the 10 Commandments **

Genesis Creation in the beginning. Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Noah, Joseph ** final edit **

Winsor 015

For several years it was my heart’s intention to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, but somehow I allowed life to distract me. On March 20, 2019 while listening to the audio version of Genesis and following along reading it, in His Presence, He whispered “It is time”.  My response was Yes! Reading swiftly along with the audio, A Reader’s Delight completes a desire to refresh while reading a condensed overview of the entire Holy Bible.  The characters that God used are briefly featured as He works through His creation from beginning to end. It is the intent of this Bible summary to defeat any hesitation in coming to know God, by eliminating any sense of intimidation for a new believer. While in the process, it was most thrilling for me to include what the Holy Spirit highlighted in my very first Bible. I am not a Bible scholar; I am simply a woman who loves Jesus. My dad was an atheist, my mom a Catholic, and in my youth I attended every denomination, then as God would have it, at the age of 60 I married a retired Pentecostal preacher! As we live in Mexico, it is important to convey the heart of God to the passionate people in this sacred land.  What God showed me throughout this awesome assignment, were some of the faithful characters He used to carry the flaming torch of His love into this generation.  With humble sincerity, I want to thank the King of Kings for His prompting, for His anointing, and for His plan to ignite a revival in Mexico through the powerful Word of God.   
Thanks be to….
To my Lord, Jesus Christ, for His favor and the impartation of supernatural energy. For the compulsion from within to follow His lead. Bless You Father for the wellness of my soul. All glory to God as the year of 2019 marks my thirty third year of Salvation. 
To my loving husband Michael, for his encouragement, and for bringing me food as I poured for hours through the scriptures. Thank you for your willing sacrifice of my attention.
To my “Cry Out” prayer group.  To all my sisters in Christ; thank you for allowing me to participate in the prayers for Mexico, and for your steady prayers for how God would use “A Reader’s Delight” to spread the Good News of Jesus, in Spanish!
To my unknown blog followers, who inspired me to get published in many languages.
To all those read this book. To all who may feel worn out, or hopeless. May you be renewed by the Truth and know, without a doubt that you are loved. That God knows your heart’s desire, and He is more than able to fill any emptiness.
This book is dedicated in the memory of my son, Jason Cory Newell