Living in Mexico


As an Expat I still marvel at the beauty and pace of the people of Mexico.  Living at Lakeside, just 45 minutes to Guadalajara – we enjoy the sound of birds twittering, church bells ringing, the clop of horses down our cobblestone streets, and such a vast variety of green and vivid bloom. We enjoy luxury bus trips to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, the Guadalajara zoo, or to see the Charro’s play ball.  Mexican Baseball


Good weather at the beach in December A Mexican Christmas



Our golf club with a view of Lake Chapala, nice paths for dog walking, Spring 2018


The purple blossom tree, cannot pronounce the name, we just call it the purple tree


Christmas 2017 barbecues and friends


Socially connected – a Tea Party at mi casa November 2017


Rags rescued us on October 31, 2017 – Lucky Dog finds a perfect mom and dad


Government website to apply for drivers license. Guadalajara or Ocotlan is listed. Scroll down the map. Along with phone number, address and hours of operation. Here you can get a license it’s only $558 pesos 🤣! – with an EASY driving test.


Grand theater in Guadalajara ” Teatro Degollado”


Tlaquepaque town square – “El Patio” restaurant has female Mariachi’s.

Joco Mayan

“Tlatuhani” restaurant in Jocotopec. Opened in May 2017, great food, wonderful service with grand view of the lake and mountains.  Mayan sculptures inserted in landscape.


Strolling musicians on the malecon and in restaurants.


San Nicolas de Ibarra on National Independence day 2017

 It is a treat to walk the neighborhoods to view the blooms. Vivero Care in Mexico


The malecon – The board walk – The pier.  Photo taken at 10:00 in the morning on a Wednesday.  This same place is buzzing with family activity on the weekends.


A sleepy town where the kids still ride their horses to school.  Traffic includes horses.


Beautiful sunsets shot from my roof.  Lightning storms and happy people.


Local police patrol on bicycles, motor cycles, trucks and ATV’s.


6:30 AM best time to stroll the malecon. Local fishermen tossing out nets in Lake Chapala.


Christmas, Valentine’s, St Patrick’s day, Easter JOY in San Nicolas


The sign says “Where Love, Culture, Family, Tradition, Lake and Son are regarded.”


A Breakfast Club of Expats meets every Saturday morning at new Lakeside places.


Downtown Chapala October 2017


At the Chapala Yacht Club – annual Feria Art and Fashion Show each November.

This beautiful redhead with the crown of butterflies is known as “Katy” and she is an amazing young wife and mother who is devoted to helping others. This FB post is what connected my heart to hers. ““We delight in the beauty of a butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  Change can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The truth is, a diamond cannot form without pressure; a caterpillar cannot become a butterfly without the darkness of a cocoon.  Facing the Sun
When you feel like the world is closing in and suffocating you, perhaps it is only the universe helping to mold you into your true form. ❤️ You are not defined by the struggles you face but rather the way you rise from them. Whatever it is you are dealing with, know that you are strong enough to emerge on the other side. 


Taking a fun ride in Mazamitla, a nearby wooded village on the lake


We enjoy lots of people from Ireland, Egypt, Australia, Germany, USA, China, Canada


Relax with time for fishing, boating, dawdling, blogging, helping the community


Golfing at the Country Club at Lakeside


Best time to visit is Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb – Barb visited Jan 2017


Shop along the malecon in Chapala – Jan visited June 2017 – a bit warm


Festivals, parades, and great people watching on the malecon – The Braniff House


Annual Balloon Festival May 27, 2017 – Chapala Malecon


Visit surrounding villages – New Years Day in Colima 2016

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