Inspiring Peeps

83839451_2510460392391869_4682887702792634368_nLet the success of others INSPIRE you! Keep on eating MEAT and REAP the benefits! Enthusiasm and Energy, better sleep, excellent digestion, weight loss, reduced sizes, healthy skin!  Make 2020 the year YOU get HEALTHY! Imagine walking in victory! Got Joy, Got Energy, Got Health, Got Love.  VISION BOARDS WORK. Growing up I used to always make VISION boards, for goals. At age 68, my new vision board includes a healthy reflection in the mirror. This visual girl is busy cleaning out her closet! Forward this to your Facebook page for Inspiration. CLICK PICS TO ENLARGE as YOU IMAGINE yourself SHRINKING! Carnivore T-Shirts wear with pride:

VISUAL TESTIMONIES motivate everyone. Real Stories CLICK KISS Carnivore

84249066_1090494434622438_4466527608565137408_nImagine being FREE to SHOP at any clothing store! Imagine wearing a shirt tucked in! Imagine going on a cruise and laying poolside in a swim suit! Imagine the scale going below the weight you were in High School. Imagine yourself inspiring people in your sphere of influence, by saying NOTHING, but they ask you “How have you lost so much weight? The easy response is “I eat two pounds of MEAT everyday!” Throughout my life span there have been many people who have inspired me. The one person on earth who taught me the most about love, laughter, and friendships was my son Jason Newell. Over the years we tried many diets.  The last one we did together was JUICING. Nothing to chew, just drink fresh veggies daily. Jay lost 20 pounds in her first week and I struggled with major gas! My son now dines with the King in heaven and oh how I wish we could of done Carnivore together, Jason LOVED MEAT! My sister Mary has also inspired me in many ways! She remains very active and at the age of 69 her results on KETO are impressive.  In January 2020, after following KETO and the PLANT BASED way  of eating,  in my first 3 days on CARNIVORE I lost six pounds!!!  In a word WHOA!  I am no longer in search of what works for me! WE all need to LEARN what WORKS for our BODIES by personal experience. LET’S ROAR in 2020! Click here for PODCAST success stories KISS Carnivore

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