A Part of His Story

73546677_526575964857644_3258382758791086080_nMy story could have been so different…

I stand in AWE of my Father’s Ways!

I owe all to His Son Jesus, my Lord…

Profoundly because…

All my sin and shame are wiped away!

Formed in my mother’s womb with…

His purpose, His plan, His promise divine,

That I gain His merciful forgiveness as mine.

All time is in His hands – from beginning to the very end!

By His great hand and His marvelous plan,

I was washed by the blood — and overwhelmed by a flood,

of His mercy, grace and His eternal love.

My ways remain dead as I consume His daily bread.

I stand here on holy ground…to declare the truth…

To which I am eternally bound!

Humbled, here I bow down…

to the King, to the only One worthy of all praise.

Jesus, whose name is above all names.

I owe all that I am, and all that I have to my Creator.

Transformed for His purpose, there is none greater!

Abiding “in Him” alone, my hope is found.

Lord thank You for residing in me,

Holy Spirit, thank You for the motivation…

to use the gifts You have given — that all eyes may see,

that all ears may hear…that Thy Spirit is alive in me,

for the glory of God Almighty.  AMEN

Copyright © 2019 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.

All rights reserved.

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