Beef Rouladen


No pickle, no garnish, sour cream comes from a Cow 98% Carnivore

My mother was born in Shuen Ecken Germany and as a child we grew up on this scrumptious dish. Momma Mia always inserted a thinly sliced dill pickle in the middle of each rolled up flank steak, so it is your choice to insert, or delete that ingredient. The brown gravy is fantastic! Serve with sprigs of parsley on the side, or pluck any green out of your garden to increase your eye-pleasing-pleasure.  Delight in this purely European family traditional plate.

GATHER UP THESE ITEMS / A double portion – 8 servings keeps well in fridge

6 thin slices of round steak, flank steak (Mexico name: Milanesa de Carne)
1/4 cup Dijon mustard (strict CN, eliminate)
1/4 cup Coconut oil or use bacon drippings
6 bacon strips fried bacon (less calories when fried)
1/4 cup sour cream
1 cup beef broth (substituted water + Maggi)
1/4 cup water + ‘splash‘ of Balsamic vinegar
3 tsp of each; paprika, salt, pepper as the rub
2 tbls Xanthan gum to thicken gravy
8 thin slices of dill pickle ( strict CN, eliminate, but you miss German taste )

From my humble Cocina in Jalisco, Mexico. Steak meat cost $2.58 USD for 3 rolls

1) Lay out your 6 pieces of thin meat and spread the dry mix of spices; salt, pepper, paprika on the meat and then pound  with meat hammer till embedded herbs stick. Lay slice of partially fried bacon strip and a 1/2 of a thin dill pickle on each meat piece. Roll up meat like a jelly roll, secure with toothpicks. (Momma used string)

2) Heat coconut oil (bacon fat) in deep skillet. Roll meat around till browned. Add broth and water, bring to a bubbly boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 45 minutes.

3) Remove rolls, whisk in Xthan gum and stir till it thickens. Return the rolls of tender beef, spoon the gravy over the rolls. SERVE with sprigs at a table with candles burning and a German favorite – the Strauss Waltz playing.


351 calories; 15 grams of fat; 4 carbs; 44 grams protein


Round Steak never tasted this good

One thought on “Beef Rouladen

  1. Awesome 😎 Athlete binged on chips, pizza, burgers and soda. Gained 50 pounds, got addicted to carbs. Adult life went Vegan, was strict, nothing was sustainable. Gained back. Up and Down till age 40 at 260 pounds. Went Vegatatian and Fruit to get rid of gout. Then Vegan raw, high fiber pounds of food. Extremely gassy. Gout increased. Research on YouTube showed him that people were tired, not health restored. Went Fruitarian for a year bought cases of fruit. Gout for 12 weeks got worse for weeks on fruit. Advice was you will adapt. Was on 4 anti-inflammatory drugs. High fructose increased my gout, nap all the time. Crashing out, no energy. Wife a Yoga/Vegan. Cooked up a pound of bacon after listening KETO. Dan Quibell is “The Bacon Experiment.” A1C and liver issues as Vegan/Fruitarian. Gout went away after a week on meat and greens which is KETO. No way bacon could be healthy. Naysayer for years anti-meat. Be honest with yourself. Do NOT compare self to others. Track your experience. Started doing blood work. Uric acid, A1C, acid reflux, gout improved. Hospitalized as Vegan/Fruitarian for acid reflux. Seven years now as he was KETO for one year, now Carnivore. Facebook prove to friends that 30 pieces of bacon a day. NOT 30 bananas. 🎯 Got permission from Jimmy Moore. Extensive Blood panel before and after. Doctor also tested his liver. After 30 days, liver, A1C, my Blood pressure, cholesterol came down. Created a FB group of 300 on with videos and photos. Zero Carb group encouraged him. Lost 7 pounds in week one. 👏 2 pounds of bacon per day. With research he found that Nitrates in bacon is not a problem. Saturated fats did not clog his arteries. Plant based people claim that olive oil is good, same benefit in bacon. Good source of protein. Cook bacon down, fat is diminished. Uncooked bacon has more calories. 2 pounds of bacon becomes 1 pound of bacon and 1,000 calories a day. Carnivore or Keto is not magic, need to be in a calorie deficit to help you loose weight. You cannot eat as many calories as you want. Calories do matter. Do NOT chug butter. When you cook, drain the fat which reduces your caloric intake. 2 pounds of cooked bacon is 3,000 calories. Six burger patties will make you fat. Eat until your full, be careful of addiction. Control your carbs, fats, calories. When a body is in KETOSIS, the addiction to sugar is reduced. A day of eating for Dan Quibell is 90% Carnivore. He does not eliminate greens completely, salmon is great to be satiated. More ground beef than any other meat, bit of nutritional yeast, mustard, condiments, bacon, eggs, seafood, shrimp. Fairly lean protein, and fat allows you go longer between meals and energy is up. Find your balance. Dan is NOW a KETO COACH and he feel good knowing that people’s lives are changing, but he has lost income letting go of his other business.


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