A Day of Joy

Have you ever ENJOYED a “suddenly” moment in your life? It suddenly dawned on me today, how very blessed I am! As we live and breathe by the extraordinary grace of God, I pray you get swept up in a marvelous SUDDEN moment where you feel the Holy Spirit swirling within you. Today we all suck in air and exhale exhausted during these deeply disturbing, winsome, and surprising times. LIFE as we perceive it makes a huge difference. Even though our mind is where the battle remains, we are in control of the thoughts we CHOOSE. As we listen to our Father’s instruction, SUDDENLY, our HOPE rises as we choose to SING His praises even in the midst of chaos. Then SUDDENLY….I found myself surrounded with 16 people all smiling, laughing and rejoicing in a great moment of celebration! My body responded with tingles as I felt the Holy Spirit hovering about as He touched us all with a spirit of gladness. Today a picnic of friends was planned in advance, and it was held indoors at the Blue Rose in Ajijic – it was my opportunity to gather all these uniquely wired folks — and show my delight for all that God has done through them. Each will find a card at their place setting – with a perfectly selected Scripture and a WORD of APPRECIATION for how they have brought LIGHT into my life. Today I turn 71 by the awesome mercy of GOD. Past pics of SUDDEN moments with a bevy of God selected friends. Today I celebrate Carol, Patricia, Kim, Susan, Cheryl, Jeanette, Priscilla, Bobbi, Ron, Belva, Enrique, Mark, Linda, Francisco, Tom, Marcia and my husband Mike. Go ahead and AFFIRM the TRUTH . Imagine

One thought on “A Day of Joy

  1. September 21, 2022 a few days before the Feast of Trumpets. ROMANS 1 Delusion comes from God. Parents that encourage their kids to swap genders is evidence that God has turned parents over to a reprobate mind. Pedophiles will now be relabeled to make them more acceptable in society. Defunding the police DID NOT work. LAWLESSNESS is a result of DELUSION. The turning point for AMERICA was the Afghanistan dumbest move to leave people and BILLIONS of military equipment behind. ALL things ARE falling into place —to line up with REVELATION and END TIMES prophecies. STAND STRONG and KNOW that GOD is allowing ALL things to happen —and we are on the highway to the END. We were chosen for such a time of this. LAWLESSNESS and DELUSION will be rampant. BE IN FELLOWSHIP to encourage one another, because things will NOT get better. GOING back to NORMAL is NOT possible. The time of Jacob’s trouble is coming…..and it must. Proclaim the Gospel and LOOK UP. “I am taking a trip” to a heavenly place, I will pass through customs like a breeze – the stand by list is filling up, so be ready to depart in an instant. We do not know the GATE from which we will depart, or the time.


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