Be a blazing fire, a torch of truth unashamed. Enjoy time with God in that SECRET place. Peter was chosen as a fisherman to follow Jesus. As a trembling disciple, Peter fled when soldiers arrested Jesus. “Simon Peter was still standing there warming himself. ( by a fire, then again by a fire with the resurrected Jesus) John 18-21 Around the fire “You aren’t one of His disciples too, are you?” Peter denied it” ❤️ Then Peter remembered: “Before the rooster crows, you will disown Me 3 times and wept bitterly.” 🔥 The resurrected Jesus asked 3 times “Do you love Me?”

Peter did NOT hear Jesus say “I am He, let them go”. Without listening, Peter reacted in haste and cut off an ear. We need to tune into what the Spirit speaks during our seeking. Obediently we HEAR then speak and act accordingly. ❤️ God ordains the steps of His people. He knows we all struggle, but His grace is sufficient–as we are saved, sustained, and sanctified by His grace.

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