Flush Kidneys

Renew, refresh, revive your renal function. Arrest poor kidney function with a kidney flush. No matter how you currently feel, kidney damage is silent. Sugar and sodium are like poison to these vital organs. We maintain our vehicles by regular filter changes – our kidneys are our bodies filter.

Before your blood panel reveals devastating news, just do a DETOX monthly. SHOPPING LIST: Cinnamon sticks, fresh honey, lemon, ginger, cloves, garlic, tumeric, unsweetened cranberry juice, parsley, dandelion root, and Ginko Biloba supplements.

KIDNEY FLUSH: Take a large bunch of PARSLEY and soak in vinegar. Drain and boil parsley in water with chopped ginger, and 4-5 cloves. Boil for 10 minutes, strain and keep a pitcher in fridge. Drink 1 cup 3 times in one day to flush kidneys monthly.

If you have already been diagnosed with poor renal function — it is imperative that you limit sugar, sodium and flour from your diet. Stevia and fake sweetners do even more damage than sugar. An effective help is a daily dose of this recipe: Fill mug halfway with hot water. Add teaspoon of honey, stir. Add cranberry juice unsweetened, Add 2 tablespoon apple 🍎 cider vinegar. Add cinnamon stick to stir. Drop in a few cloves and sip for health.

A great natural remedy for constipation is chia seeds. These tiny jewels also are known for their powerful antioxidant impact. EASY RECIPE: Soak 1/2 cup of chia seeds in one cup of unsweetened coconut milk. Sit for 5 minutes, stir with fork, then place in fridge. Each morning enjoy 1/4 cup of soaked, expanded seeds with fresh grapes 🍇 chunks of pineapple 🍍. Enjoy a bran muffin or an Oatmeal Cookie by George at the Root Side.

This doctor does not post helpful videos to sell any products. He truly cares. Read all comments from his satisfied users of the great information he gives. Follow on YouTube and search his tubes for chia seeds. Great 👍 stuff.

Watch all videos and get a boost of HOPE for your future. COOKING IDEA: Add garlic and turmeric to your protein dish by mixing them INTO sour cream in the steak drippings.

Instruction on foods that help kidney function.

CLOVES are powerful

CLOVES a natural cold cough remedy for folks with high blood pressure. Each BP reading above 130/95 jabs and damages your kidneys. Remember all medicines filter through your kidneys.

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