LaPaz Xmas

20191217_132820Enjoy a short flight over the Sea of Cortez on Volaris to arrive in the land of La Paz, to a place of Peace.  Get out there and thrill while in this port city during the celebration of Christmas!  Take a local tour boat across the Sea of Cortez and visit the surrounding islands. December is a great month to visit as the temps are cooler so pack some long sleeves. Enjoy walking about this marina town, no car needed. Walk to ATM banks, coffee shops, Applebee’s and even shop at Sears. Our Uber guy Eduardo speaks perfect English and a ride to the mall is only 50 pesos. A short 1.5 hours flight from Guadalajara, which is actually less for us than the toll roads and gas to PV. (click pics to enlarge)

kayaking, diving, ATV thrilling, golf courses, sail boarding, zip lining or just walking the malecon and sampling the shops and cafes. It was a sleepy town, but like all other ports in Mexico, it is growing and becoming popular because it has everything that Cabo San Lucas or Cancun offers. Roundtrip airfare GDL to LaPaz is $80.00 USD.  Use to book rooms and rack up points for a free stay. We favor Boutique hotels over all-inclusive places because they are much more quiet. We have stayed at Hotel HBlue in LaPaz several times. ADDRESS:  Aquiles Serdán #2042 e/ A – Rosales e I. Allende – La Paz, BCS 23000 – Mexico – PHONE +52-612-123-2583.

My next reunion with my brother Ben will be in LaPaz. The extra expense of a flight and room in Loreto is too much, and besides we LOVE LaPaz. Loreto was the first Spanish colonial settlement of the Viceroy of New Spain on the Baja coast.  The town was founded in 1697 by a Jesuit Order. The town served as the capital of the province of Las Californias from its founding until the capital of this Mexico province was moved to Monterey.   In 1768, this Mexican province was annexed as Alta California and today we know it as Baja California.  The city of Loreto is built on flat land and the average elevation is 33 ft above sea level. “La Giganta” is the prominent Mountain Range

The Sea of Cortez is beautiful and filled with sea life.  We enjoyed 3 nights at the Loreto Bay Golf Resort.  ADDRESS: Blvd Mision De Loreto s/n Col. Nopolo Loreto, BCS 23880 Mexico – +52-161-313-3010– This resort is just outside of the city limits of  Loreto. ❤ We look forward to exploring this new area.

We were blessed to recently hook up with Mike’s family for his mom’s 86th birthday in October 2019. Mike and I practiced the Thriller moves for the 2016 Halloween fiesta in Ajijic. We represented the OLDEST dance group globally – it was a blast! Our 2018 San Francisco/Canada cruise. Fun Family Reunions 

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  2. October 31, 2019 Barb sent email to Ben and Mary: Happy Halloweeeeeeen you guys! Our cemetery grounds in Chapala are prepared for a night of honoring the dead.
    Katrinas are festooned all around the lake. This is the
    day that I set up my Christmas tree (a fake one from Walmart)
    With that said – we tried to change our airfare to go to Cabo,
    but the cost was enormous, so we kept the flight and changed
    our reservation to stay at the Loreto Bay Golf Course. We will
    arrive and taxi to the outskirts of town on Dec 19- then return
    to LaPaz on Sunday Dec 22. Our flight departs at 4 PM – SO
    if you guys have time for coffee within these three days, we
    will be at Loreto Bay.
    Brother Ben replied: Sounds good will see you then..Happy Halloween .


  3. WRITTEN on Nov 7, 2005 and sent to the Skipper Nov 7, 2019

    Warm temperatures and a mild breeze greet us. This sleepy little village in the middle of nowhere. The World Series had happened on our voyage. White Sox had won, first time in 88 years… Wow! The “Skipper” didn’t care. His trawler Alley Cat had just arrived. She traveled over 1600 miles. San Francisco to a small town on the baja sea. At the plaza, the blind musician playing something different than “Nora Jones.” The beer was cold, all 4 customers stare at my motley crew. Whale bones hanging from the ceiling, was interesting and dark, like “Bogart” was here. Sea tales and drinks, the stories poured out. I’m sure John and Larry were wondering why this place had stole my heart. Our sea tale fell flat on blank faces. Alas, Alley Cat’s deck was “still”, but that silence was shattered the next morning with voices and nets being tossed around the marina. John now shouting “its 5 o’clock in the morning, what the hell is happening?” Loreto had shown up. Footsteps and laughter cut the calm. The fishing pangas were all around us, loading up and making their way out of the harbor. The heartbeat of life surrounded us. John and I made coffee and greeted the amazing sunrise. Later that morning, the sea trio were blimeyed by the new casa. The grey unfinished structure was way too cool. John, Larry and I continued to Café Ole’ around the corner. American coffee plus great food. John was packed and ready for his escape. We had checked into a hotel next to the old mission. Hot showers and clean clothes, what a concept. We arrived a whole week earlier than expected. John told me that this was “a once in a life time experience”! Larry and Skipper relaxed for the next couple of days. Chino Yee my Mexican amigo gave us the keys to my friend’s van. We had rented a casa for the next 10 days. The tears and hugs met us at the airport, our girls had arrived, it was hot that afternoon, Larry and I gave them a our best “pirate” chuckle cuz our seafaring tale was simply historic with a few facts a tad skewed. Back in paradise, the place I now proudly call home. Skippering on the Sea of Cortez, I had no idea what was really out there. The Alley’s leaving a world they knew for this place in the middle of nowhere. My boat sitting at a fishing pier surrounded by the local natives. The voyage was over. The 13 days spent in Loreto, had secured many details with the help of our friend Chino. The marina’s Harbor Master filed Alley Cat’s paperwork. We first had to go through the proper channels. Our builder was working on “Casa Benito”. We made a few changes to the plan. I made Chino “el captain” of Alley Cat. My new captain had taken the boat out a few times with us. Now to enjoy the sea and share it with many new friends. Captain Benito – Nov 7, 2005


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