Sweet Charity


A cold winter has come,
know ye kids who shiver at home?
Does your heart pound…
at the sound,
of tears dropping to the ground?
Charity giving falls soft as snow,
it sparkles in eyes of kiddos below;
Generosity towards the helpless is born,
out of an obedient  that is warm.
humbly it gives with a silent breath…
bringing a Hope that slays the fear of death!
His love never fails,
it forever sails…2ac0b148cf1cd81ea14a59975edd4f4e
Unlike Santa, God is for real!
We cannot outgive the Source of all,
Go nobly forth, ye rich in the land!
With a kind heart and generous hand;
’tis now a season of desperate need,
listen for His summons…be blessed in thy heed.
Save the young and cherish the old;
That old coat is worth it’s weight in gold!
Water the seed within the broken,
Let them feel they are not forsaken.
See with His eyes why ye have thy wealth,
Praise Him who gave you a lasting health;
That ye may give what ye can spare,
To delight thy Father who loves the poor.

Copyright © 2019 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.

All rights reserved.

One thought on “Sweet Charity

  1. “Grace alone which God supplies — Strength unknown He will provide — Christ in us, our cornerstone — We will go forth in grace alone. Every soul we long to reach — Every heart we hope to teach — Everywhere we share His peace —- is only by His grace. Every loving word we say — Every tear we wipe away —Every sorrow turned to praise — is only by His grace.”


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