Ravi Reflections

RAVI♥️“The Logic of God”♥️ by the esteemed intellectual evangelist Ravi Zacharias, this weekly devotional prompts its readers to continue to ask God questions. His weekly scriptures and questions are potent. In this 52 week volume, Ravi highlights the weakness of our intellectual debates. Ravi validates biblical teaching while challenging readers to personalize the Word of God. The weekly readings certainly stir my heart. At the end of each short weekly reading his questions motivate me to consider my intention to know God more intimately. When you have time, listen to Ravi’s testimony (Youtube below) of how God called Him as he lay in his suicidal bed. Forty years later, the scripture that God used to lure him into a deeper relationship returns on his mother’s headstone! When my intellect, ways, and frustrations hit a wall — I am driven to face a brutal honesty in my doubts or questions voiced to my Father. Instead being irritated about glaring differences that I recognize between me and others — it is wise for me to stop the incessant reasoning as to why — and surrender as I willingly plead “Lord, here I am change me.” By reading the profound questions and exquisite words of Ravi in this book, I am being drawn closer to God.  unspecifiedFor 52 weeks I  choose to begin 2020 reading one chapter per week. As suggested in this book, a week of reflections on the same scripture allows the deep to bubble up as it enlightens my path. “Behind every question is a questioner.” The more I focus on wanting people or circumstances to change, the more frustrated I become. REVELATION: There is HOPE within every frustration. After asking Jesus to help me to see 👀 clearly, I was compelled to surrender all my criticisms— to Him. This is my New Years goal. 

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