Recount Blessings

81223695_1057896214548927_8990473024297762816_n🎶 “Count your blessings, one by one, rejoice in all that our Lord has done”🎵 Just a few recorded before 2019 ends: Chilled fresh air to breathe, eyes to see, ears to hear, tastebuds, goose bumps, a nose to smell whats cookin or bloomin, fingers to pinch with, lips to render a holy kiss, laughter, belonging to an eternal FAMILY, faithful friends, arms to wrap around, giggling out of control, playing RUN, RUN with Rags, being God‘s hostess, mountains, sturdy bones, canyons, being awed, teeth to bite whats juicy, a smart brain, hands to clap, being stilled, feet to dance on, watching the wind gently breeze thru, legs that can run the race, a galaxy of stars, seasons that change, music, oceans to frolic in, puddles to jump in, dreams, a rainbow of colors, pillows, toes in the sand, books, thunderstorms, dark chocolate, electricity, clouds, busy hands, an earth that spins, gravity, angels that protect, the Holy Spirits sweet Presence, a great car, making joyful noises, sunshine, tall trees, huge boulders, humming birds, so 20191219_140637many beaches to explore, smooth winding roads, stallions, puppies, wide vistas of breath taking beauty, feeling a full range of emotions. Poetic words, awesome sunsets, a memory, photography, time, naps, organizing good times with friends, God’s faithfulness, His promises kept, JOY, tears, Truth, forgiveness received, my salvation secured, a changed heart, eternity with loved ones, the ability to read, standing in the gap, giving out of my abundance, hope for tomorrow, the flow of grace, mercy that never ends, swimming in Truth, the living Word of God, my heavenly, holy, awesome Father who loves me, the FREEDOM to worship Jesus in my spirit, to gather with like minded, spirit filled peeps in church, and my fantastic husband Michael Hoyle, our travel adventures, our genuine respect for one another, our goofy chemistry, our shared faith in all GOOD THINGS TO COME, our cozy casa, our BBC nites with Sherlock, my health, 1B37D137-C2A4-4006-A2CF-29A15E3345A3cappuccino, a variety of delicious healthy foods, ahhh i feel renewed with a stream of serotonin by just scribbling down my beginning list of blessings ALREADY received. Oh my, my, my Lord Jesus…2020 more yet to spill out ! Oh my goodness 😀i woke up with a new song another blessing at the end of 2019. 🎶♪♫🎶♬ God I will sing a new song to You; my throat overflows with praises, me a mere mortal that You noticed, lifted me up out of the pit, Adonai adopted and mercifully forgave and gave me new life. He who created all things, Adonai who has set prisoners free, Adonai who abounds in goodness, He who knit me together in my mother’s womb, I thank You for I am awesomely, and wonderfully made. How marvelous are Your works, You are the God of Wonders, whose eyes could see me as an embryo being intricately formed in secret. Even then, before I ever existed, my Father had all my days written down in His book. Oh Lord God, how I prize Your Word, Your thoughts! Every day I will bless You holy Father, I will praise Your name forever. As I meditate on Your glorious splendor, Your awesome power, Your compassion and great grace, my soul swells with JOY. Halleluyah! ♪♫🎶20191228_194705

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