Opinion vs Conviction

CodBIyDXgAAxQH6My thoughts stir and are laid to rest once recorded. During these historic times I must  document my state of heart, NOT my opinion but my conviction. “If you cut off a person’s nose with your personal  conviction there is no point in giving them a rose to smell.” Quote from Ravi’s mom. fb_img_1587658554160Opinions are held tightly. We share our opinions, debate them, and they are subject to change. Contrastingly our convictions hold us accountable.  When God convicts us with the Truth, we take a firm stand and we cannot waver, wobble, give up or give in. We are held tight by the Spirit of God Who never changes.  My lesson is that I must not bash people over the head with the my convictions, political or those God Himself holds me convicted of. Wisdom requires me to simply live out my faith with joy and His Spirit in me will attract the curious of Who holds me. Questions are then asked and I am at liberty to share Who convicts me, Who delivered me from my past, my mistakes. I am free to share Who gave me purpose.  Who instructs, provides and encourages me. Who holds me close and protects me from harm.   The Bible does bother people  as it does not jive with their  cultural opinions. When i am convicted to share the truth, Truth Himself will speak on my behalf and He shall cause others to be convicted by His unchanging opinion of the one hearing what He has working in me.  He consistently confounds the wise with an overwhelming conviction.

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