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It is never too late to learn something new, and to begin to regenerate health with new methods! Having received individualized holistic health care remedies over the decades by the best Naturopathic Doctors, at the age of 68, I am now receiving Stem Cell treatments. My hysterectomy at the age of 23 was a major cause of most of my current medical issues.  The Plant Based Diet caused ME severe gas and bloating and a trip to the doctor. Prescriptions are not okay with me. Back in my twenties it was a wise choice for me to NOT take the prescribed hormone pills because of the cancer history in my family.  My hormonal imbalance caused my body to  remain “hot”, not just night sweats, but the burn inside completely annihilated my endocrine system. Having taken vitamins sinceimages (7) 1962 (my mother was a nutrition nut) I have also taken very expensive authenticated glandular supplements.  I had learned to just live my best life with Adrenal Burnout.   I accepted my responsibility to conduct my own research and then do whatever it takes to sustain my health. My faith in God increases as I acknowledge all that He continually does for me, however, shortly after I moved to Mexico in 2014,  I learned about all natural hormone implants.  The ability to sleep 8 hours a night was amazing. Retired from a stressful job, I felt rested for the first time in 40 years. With my  energy level lifted I began seeking ways to serve during my retirement.  Doing nothing is just not in my genetic makeup.  My medical history herein: a hysterectomy in 1973; a hernia operation in 1987; back surgery and a (VAD) vertebral artery dissection in 2006; plantar fasciitis in 2012; high blood pressure 2013; tingling in my arms ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ 2015; depression in 2016 after my son died; fatty liver 2018; hip pain 2018.  At the age of 68, my lifelong rehab to regain energy has been through proven holistic ways. While on a trip to Israel in October 2018 I began to hear about stem cell treatments. Several members of my church in Mexico were all delighted to tell me about their personal health improvements.  Anytime pain is diminished even in a small way, we all feel like dancing! Why are all these people aged 65 years and older getting stem cell injections? Well, as a matter of fact, most of us get our teeth cleaned for prevention, and most of us change the oil in our car for prevention, so why not get stem cell for prevention?


Miracles after Stem Cell.  WooWho! Me wearing gloves

After a medical team of professionals misdiagnosed and misprescribed medicines while I was in my twenties, at the age of 23 these same doctors castrated me with a hysterectomy. My initial stem cell injection was a double dose to carry me through two months. My personal side effects were a snowstorm of chills followed by a volcanic fever. Every body is different, and side affects to me means that stem cell is doing some kind of adjustment. Just like a detox,  a person may get a headache! My hope skyrocketed because I realized that my body was responding. The pain in my hips, feet, and hands has kept me from fully living and I refuse to sit back and simply accept the decay of my joints! For only $200 USD per month I am praising God for His continued blessings of what He has in store for me in 2020 and beyond.  Doctor Justina told me about her resistance to Stem Cell as she had not studied it in medical school. She had her own rehab clinic but was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which caused widespread muscle pain and tenderness. Fibromyalgia cannot be cured. Along with the pain, Justina felt Chronic fatigue (CFS) a disorder characterized by 75204586_2314510271986883_7897901578340794368_nextreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn’t go away.  With reluctance Justina went with a colleague to Guadalajara to learn about Stem Cell. She decided she had nothing to lose, so she drove to Guad to get treatments once a month. After 6 months, her pain was completely gone. Her patients began asking about her improved energy, better stamina. Justina confessed that she was receiving stem cell treatments. Soon she was taking up to 7 patients to Guad for treatments. After a year of schooling, she began administering stem cell in her office. After much research and talking with three different local medical professionals, I received my first Stem Cell treatment, the placenta injection on November 15, 2019 at Justina’s office. Dra Justina Jimenez Lopez; Clinica de Rehabilacion Integral; Carr. Poniente #234 B Int., Ajijic near Yves restaurant. (376) 766-5563.  While I continue to be “transformed by the renewing of my mind” as my physical countenance returns to a glow, I am deeply encouraged from within to learn Spanish and share my testimony to the youth in my village who have been neglected and abused.  In March 2019, without the help of Stem Cell, I can testify that it was indeed His supernatural energy that enabled me to summarize the Bible 

download (1) from Genesis to Revelation in 40 days. In December 2019 that manuscript was published and marketed in Spanish as “Biblia Compacta”.  My goal in receiving this Stem Cell treatment is that my body will be transformed and renewed so that I will have the energy to do what I am led to do.  Yes I will lose weight, gain energy, with feet enabled to walk without pain, blood pressure down, depression removed, allergies controlled and all general fatigue replaced with hope and energy for the days to come. On Yom Kippur 2019 a word of knowledge was given to me. “You will receive many good reports about your efforts to build the kingdom of God.” God handed me a gift to use, a pen to write encouragements and to promote His good Word. I choose to think whatever is pure, good, and is lovely …in color on my food plate. To operate at my optimal best, I am leaning more towards CARNIVORE.  Living life making healthy choices is a natural progression based on my personal results. Refusing to compare my journey with others, I am thrilled by what others have experienced by Stem Cell injections, and I will  🙏❤ make comments below after each Stem Cell injection based on my experience.  Hysterectomy Hope

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  1. November 15, 2019 I met Dra Justina in Ajijic and received the first Stem Cell therapy which was a “placenta” injection. The placenta is harvested naturally and it is certified from a clinic that she has personally inspected. This injection is in the tummy. It feels like getting a “B” shot. The placenta contains booster vitamins that will enable the following monthly Stem Cell injections to get to work on the weakest part of my body. I am committed to getting one Stem Cell injection per month for the next year.

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  2. November 22, 2019 I received a “double” Stem Cell injection for NON and DEC as I will be traveling in December. The information that Justina gave me last week listed side effects of the initial injection. I experienced the Flu like symptoms of shivering cold like in a snowstorm, followed by feverish hot like a volcano. I ate some sugar free jello, and some cold peaches, and lots of water. Later on, I had some vegetable soup. I had diarrhea in the middle of the night. My first thought of having cold hands and feet was WOW, it is already working to adjust my body temp. When my husband got home he found me with 2 layers on, socks, gloves, laying on the lawn, in sunshine in Mexico which was about 80 degrees. THIS IS MIRACULOUS as I am never, ever cold!

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  4. January 10, 2020 3rd Stem Cell injection. No side effects. Today is Jan 30, 2020 and I am reporting that my hot flashes have ceased. It is a miracle that I am wearing socks, a sweater and a jacket on a 60 F degree day. Also that i am shifting less from one hip to another during the night. Less aches in my joints.!!!!


    • I just came from Mexico where I got a stem cell treatment in March. Dr. Alex who works with Dra Justina, was the one who administered the shots. I have lost his card with his email address. Does anyone know it? Also, the email on Dra Justina’s card is no longer in use. I tried to email her to get his address but it bounced. Anyone know a good email? I am ready to fly back for another treatment, but I have to set up the appt. I have a Mexican SIM and cell #, but don’t know how to dial a landline in Mexico to even call Dra Justina’s office.

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  5. Nov 2019 a double shot. Single injection Jan 10 + Feb 14 + March 13 + April 17 + May 22 + June 18. With cumulative affect, my BENEFITS: Better sleep, more energy, no more hip pain. Also it is known to increase immune system which will make me get well quicker IF i contract COVID!


  6. God stem cell each month for the year of 2020. Skipped Sept and Oct as I got COVID at age 69 – Praise God I was out of hospital in 3 days. Heavy prednisone was used in a hospital in Mexico. My hips no longer ache and I generally feel better. Because masses of people are getting the vaccine, I will no longer get stem cell for anything. I OPPOSE the vaccine, I would rather get COVID again than get my DNA changed. I am on GAB social media and several doctors and microbiologists WARN against the vaccine. More people have dies after getting the vaccine than died on 911.


  7. Oh no, you are stopping the stem cell therapy? I am traveling from AZ to come down and get the stem cell therapy. Thank you for sharing your experience.


      • Barbara, what do you mean when you say you will not risk getting stem cell from a woman who got the jab. Do you know that the donor got the jab or are you assuming?

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      • Donors are not documented JAB or not JAB, so if a woman donates blood, how would a person determine if blood used for stem cell has traces of the vaccine? With my extensive study, I am a person who refuses to get a COVID vaccine. My choice, my assumption – NOT TO TRUST the blood donor banks of blood used for stem cell.


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