The Wedge Made Famous

Our hairstyles recycle with iconic memories of our once thick, carefree, swinging strands, blowing in the wind. Dorothy Hamill and Farrah Fawcett were trend setters that even Princess Diana’s royal locks were fashioned after. Have you ever had a Wedge?

In 1988 it was my privilege to attend the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea. In High School when my hair was thicker, I sported the Farah fashion. In 1979 as the Queen of Transportation, AKA Miss Mother Trucker, it was known as a short BOB. When Dorothy Hamill won the gold in 1987, the style for many became the Wedge. Ask a hairdresser today for a Wedge cut, and depending on her age, she will not know what you are talking about. My history of hairstyles and colors.

Below is the beautiful hairstyle that I will once again sport. My stylist from England was able to make my thinning locks match a heroine of hair. Miss Dorothy we thank you for sporting an ageless style!

The older Dorothy Hamill “will do” for me

“The joy of age is in finally being who you are. A fully mature human, with body and mind and heart and spirit. The joy of age is tapping into your real self.” Elders have the capacity to see beyond our bodies and recognize the importance of spirit. A wise elder said, “Aging is enlightenment at gunpoint!” We choose to let go of the outside game of strength and power and go inside to peace, serenity, and joy. We may not be as fast, but we bring a new intuitive way of thinking. If you want advice that is seasoned, then ask an Elder. One of the greatest gifts is a sense of humor. We finally can begin to laugh at ourselves. We have nothing to prove anymore. So if we make a mistake or forget a name, just own it and laugh. We have to remember that not everyone gets extra years. These expanded years are a gift that earlier generations did not get.” Connie Mason Michaelis

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