Finally being ordinary is a fashion. Having scars shows courage, wearing wrinkles demonstrates dignity. A fully mature human, is a carriage of spirit, mind and heart. The joy of age bursts forth as a bud that blooms, then falls gracefully. Elders have the capacity to see beyond appearance with recognition of experience.

Giving way to the Spirit, one embraces time as Wisdom’s way of issuing mercy. A wise elder once softly said, “Aging is enlightenment at gunpoint!” We choose to let go of the outside game of strength and power and go inside to peace, serenity, and joy. On earth, life is short! Rejoice that in eternity we will frolic about in a one-size-fits-all glorified body! AMEN

We may not be as fast, but we bring confidence in the hereafter, that this is NOT all there is. If you want advice that is seasoned, ask an elder. One of the greatest gifts of God is our sense of humor. Winsomely, laughter gushes forth! We compare nothing to the folly of our youth. With nothing to prove, we forget not God’s grace through the years. We forget a name, why we entered a room, where are my glasses? On my forehead! We just roar with laughter.

“We remember that not everyone gets extra years. These expanded years are a gift that earlier generations did not get.” Connie Mason Michaelis ❤️

One thought on “Acceptance

  1. Oh Father God, King of the universe we worship Thee for Thy words of promise and for the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.  Bless us Lord with Your continued mercies. The temptor comes to destroy our faith in the victory of Jesus. As pilgrims on the narrow road, we are not yet fully sanctified, but we are fully equipped and justified by Thy grace. We desperately need Jesus to forgive us any measure, any inkling of doubt. Thank You Jesus for Thy constant intercession that we might be effective in our quest to bring Thee glory. We are emboldened with the gifted authority to exercise the miraculous dunamis power within us.  Lord thank You for revealing Thyself to us with conviction as needed. We rightly receive conviction as Thy assurance of our salvation.  We believe that there is no condemnation as we operate through Jesus Christ. Give us dreams and visions as we need … bring us back to the cross with thanksgiving.  Thy amazing supernatural Ways are perfect. Draw us to the throne of grace, deliver us from pride. In the Jesus mighty name we ask the Holy Spirit for continued discernment that we may choose to repent of doubt and return to the Lover of our souls fully restored. We are here Lord use us for Thy glory. AMEN ❤️

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